Colorful Moments in the EGO Bus… Get out of the way, my child…

Colorful Moments in EGO Bus: After the woman who tied a pineapple like a pet in Ankara Metro, the people of Ankara witnessed colorful images again this morning. The fact that a citizen got stuck in the EGO Bus caused an incident on social media.

Mamak-Kızılay line Ego bus passengers encountered an unprecedented image this morning. Riding a horse with a horse head led to interesting reactions. Passengers who took photos of the citizens of the horse shared on social media. The photo of the humorfighter citizen has received many comments and shares as soon as possible.

While some passengers laughed at the situation, some passengers approached the event like an ordinary situation. Especially for the passengers to extend their sugar and an aunt's phrase "Get away, my son, my son" became the center of attention in social media.

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Günceleme: 16/12/2018 15:44

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