Certificate of qualification for Metrobus drivers

Certificate of competence for Metrobus drivers: 'National Competence Preparation Cooperation Protocol' was signed between IETT and Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA).

The signatures of the cooperation provided within the scope of the national qualification system for qualified workforce were made by IETT General Manager Arif Emecen and VQA President Adem Ceylan in the headquarters building of IETT in Beyoğlu.

Emecen said that the protocol was signed in order to improve the quality of the services provided to the citizens and to maintain and maintain the standards.

Emecen, together with the Vocational Qualifications Authority, stated that they have been cooperating for a period of time until the completion of the professional standards, training programs and completion of the qualification certification processes of the metrobus and bus drivers in Istanbul.

Thus, Emecen emphasized that they aim to provide better quality of public transport services that they have done and maintained in Istanbul and said, “I think that we will serve our citizens better with an enhanced service quality. Hopefully, we will see certified drivers on the roads in Istanbul in the coming period. That's why we sign this protocol here today. I think this will make a great contribution to our metrobus drivers. ” he spoke.

FMC Chairman Ceylan expressed his satisfaction with the signing of a protocol of cooperation with the IETT General Directorate and stated that the drivers using public transportation should have professional standards.

Ceylan, said:

“We often have difficulties in student and staff services not using the vehicles in accordance with the standards, especially during the opening of our schools. We are against with negative news. It is extremely important to do this work by qualified people by using public transportation vehicles in Istanbul, which is under his responsibility, by knowing and documenting their professions in accordance with their standards and qualifications. Here, we signed a protocol with our IETT General Directorate on the preparation of the competencies of the drivers using the metrobus to document the standards of their professions. After these qualifications are prepared and put into effect, those who perform this profession will have a profession certificate as a result of the exam to be held according to standards and qualifications. ”



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