EIA Process for İzmir Monorail Project Started

The EIA Process for the Izmir Monorail Project has been started: The EIA process was initiated for the Monorail project, which was designed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and which will connect Gaziemir and Fair Izmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 'Izmir Commuter ESBAS Station-Gaziemir New Fair Area Monorail Line' project was the first step in the implementation of the project. The Directorate of Environment and Urbanization announced the launch of the EIA process on the monorail line project.

Following the completion of the deficiencies in the file review initiated in November, if the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, which started the EIA process before the decision, decided 'EIA is not necessary', the monorail will be tendered.

The 2.2 kilometer monorail system, which will be integrated into IZBAN and will only provide access to the new trade show complex in Gaziemir, will be a round-trip double line. There will be two stations in the monorail with the 3 train set 3. The monorail line to be constructed within the scope of the project will have a concrete line path rather than a metal line path. Monorail system, tire wheeled, overlay type monorail technology will be used. Within the scope of the construction works, 10 pieces of viaducts will be built with 6 meters x XUMX meters.

It will be operated by the enterprise control center (OCC) to be installed in vehicle storage and maintenance repair facilities. Monorail trains can be operated without a driver, but can be driven manually if necessary.

The monorail system, which will work on the beams to be placed on elevated columns, will start from the ESBAS station of İZBAN and cut through Akçay Street and continue to parallel Izmir-Gaziemir Intersection-ring road parallel to the fair. Passengers who want to come to the new fair complex with the air way from the suburbs and outside of Izmir will be able to reach the fair with the monorail system after arriving at İZBAN and ESBAŞ station. Visitors will also be able to use the same system during the fair return. monorail seen examples in the world's developed cities, will be established for the first time in Izmir, Turkey.

The construction work of the project will be carried out at the stage stage. The works to be started this year are expected to be completed in 2020.

Monorada wagons, which are one of the urban transportation types, are mono, ie they move on or under a single rail. The rail system used in public transportation, beams placed on a column and rails on these beams can be carried out at the same time as the arrival and departure. In this way, the frequency of voyage can be operated by considering the passenger density and the efficiency of the system can be increased depending on the travel demand.

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