Bursa rail market in the target market Austria

Target market in Bursa rail sector Austria: The first overseas marketing activity in the Rail Systems UR-GE Project carried out by BTSO was carried out in Vienna, Austria.

Within the scope of the International Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) Project in the Bursa Rail Systems Sector, Bursa Rail Systems Cluster (BURAY) made a rapid entry into Austria as the target market. BTSO Deputy Secretary General Mehmet Akif Altan, BURSA President Taha Aydın and 14, the BTSO Delegation of 23 from different companies, the Austrian Economic Chamber and MÜSİAD conducted bilateral business meetings in Austria; Siemens and Bombardier, one of the global giants in the rail systems sector, also examined the production facilities in Vienna. Companies finally met with the chargé d'affaires of the Embassy of Turkey visited the Austrian Kaan Orbay.


On the first day of the program, companies met with officials from the Austrian State Railways and Railroad Industrialists Union in the event organized at the Austrian Economic Chamber. The companies hosted by Konstantin Bekos, the Southeast European Responsible of the Austrian Chamber of Economy with a membership of 450, were interviewed by Ronald Chodazs, General Director of the Austrian Railways Industrialists Association, and Wolfgang Zottl, Austrian State Railways R & D Officer, and Stefan Braun, Purchasing Officer. realized.


The next stop of the BTSO Delegation, which continues its contacts in Austria, has become the center of MÜSİAD Austria in Vienna. MUSIAD President of Austria Faruk Can and MÜSİAD Austria joined the project together with the members of the project, evaluated the possibilities of cooperation. Speaking at the meeting, BTSO Deputy Secretary General Mehmet Akif Altan, BTSO as they attach great importance to the relationship with MUSIAD said. BCCI MUSIAD members and members of the Austrian businessmen expressed their desire to pave the way for new cooperation bringing together a community Altan, "the Turkey-Austria trade, trade surplus side of Turkey. We wish to continue this success by increasing. Our aim is to enable our companies to meet and lead to the formation of new collaborations. Ama


MUSIAD President Faruk Can MUSIAD Austria has been operating for 25 years, he said. MUSIAD Austria is the most important representative of the Turkish businessmen in Austria said that Faruk Can, the two countries to carry out studies on the development of commercial relations, he said. Stating that BTSO's work in this direction is a proud one, Mayor Can said, la As MÜSİAD Austria, we are ready for all kinds of cooperation. Our common goal is to increase the trade volume of Turkish companies. For this reason, you can see MÜSİAD Austria as a branch of BTSO. I


Rail Systems Within the scope of UR-GE Project, the companies in Bursa examined the production facilities of Siemens and Bombardier, which are among the giants of the sector, in Austria. Siemens Sales Manager Christoph Masopust and Purchasing Supervisor Manuel Harms and Bombardier Light Rail Vehicles Department Manager Marcus Pfaff and Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager Andreas Tober have met with companies, has made significant progress in new cooperation.

Siemens and Bombardier officials stated that Bursa's experience in the industry is at a high level and said they want to cooperate with the firms in Bursa. Speaking about Siemens 'goals, Sales Director Christoph Masopust said he was looking for a new investment that would support Siemens' production in Vienna. Masopust said, üretim We are manufacturing 1200 vehicle body with 450. We have a very high quality engineering structure. However, due to the rise of the euro and other reasons, our plant has begun to lose its competitiveness. We aim to make a new investment abroad that will support our production in this factory. Bu


Stating that Turkey, together with the developing infrastructure in the rail sector is an important domestic supplier pool consists Masopust, he said Bursa is also an important potential. Expressing that Bursa has a serious industrial history, Masopust said, ın Bursa is accustomed to the repressive production speed of automotive. It has a really important market in the rail systems sector. In fact, we wanted to find companies in Bursa, but you came here so far. This made us very happy. Ti He said.

especially in Istanbul subway reminded that all procurement projects by the Government of the Republic of Turkey 51 percent nativism must be Masopust, so he said they too needed to domestic suppliers. Turkey in the first place that they would invest 80 million euros Masopust, he added the words they want to benefit from domestic suppliers in all overseas projects.


Pointing out that they are closely following Bursa Bombardier Light Rail Vehicles Department Manager Marcus Pfaff said that they are already cooperating with companies in Bursa. indicating increased day by day the number of projects in Turkey Pfaff, the nativism must be reflected positively stated that the Turkish industry and engineering. As being Bombardier, they are in search of an investment partner and Pfaff added that they are open to new cooperation with the firms in Bursa.


The last stop of overseas marketing activities was the Turkey Embassy in Vienna. Maslahatgüzar Kaan Orbay and Trade Consultant Ayşe Şule Özdoğan met with the companies, received information about the Austrian market. Maslahatgüzar Orbay said that there were no prejudices against Turkish business people in Austria, even though there were periodic political troubles between the two countries. Maslahatgüzar Orbay, who stated that they are proud of the success of the companies of Bursa, said: ın You are developing our country. We keep our heads up with your achievements. There are many difficulties, but the situation in Turkey is called the middle. Our exports to Austria continue to increase. We are trying to help you here as much as we can. Burada

Ayşe Şule Özdoğan, Commercial Counselor, mentioned the importance of Bursa's approach to rail systems. Özdoğan stated that the sector is of great value in terms of economic development and employment, and he emphasized that it is a good decision for Bursa firms to determine Austria as target market.

Source : I www.bursadabugun.co

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