Protests from KOS on the Tender of the Dekovil Line in Belgrade Forest

Protest from KOS to tender for Dekovil Line in Belgrade Forest: Dek Haliç-Kemerburgaz Rail System Dekovil Line an, which is planned to pass through Belgrade Forest, was tendered, the North Forest Defense protested the tender by stating that the project will bring the end of Belgrade Forest.

The North Forest Defense protested the tender for the “Golden Horn-Kemerburgaz Railway System Decovil Line an, which is planned to pass through the Belgrade Forest.

While the project was tendered at the additional service building of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on 13.01.2017, KOS stated that the project will bring the end of Belgrade Forest “This tender cannot be made. The Belgrade Forest cannot be tender. ”
KOS: Project brings the end of Belgrade Forest

KOS reminded of their actions against the project since June. He said that they are the followers of the issue and that the IMM does not accept that the trees will be moved against the marking of trees in the Belgrade Forest.

“It is clear and clear that the Decovil line and the bike path project that passes through the middle of the last 2012 thousand hectare forest area, which is said to be protected as a result of the removal of 'conservation forest' status from 3 thousand hectares in 2, will bring the end of Belgrade Forest.

Aç The greed around the Belgrad Forest, surrounded by four branches of killer projects in the last 5 year, shows us that the decovil project is a threat that will bring new 2B processes.

Taşımacılık All kinds of transportation, roads, entertainment, recreation facilities, concrete, noise, garbage and rogue usage in the forest which disrupts the integrity of Belgrade Forest are the responsibility of Istanbul residents.

“Because, we have learned from the administrations that have come and gone so far that neither the value of nature, climate, forest, water in the eyes of Kadir Topbaş nor his applause is ever converted to rent.

Itibaren From now on, Istanbul residents will have to protect their living spaces and show their care for their future to their living spaces.

Başlayarak Starting from the Golden Horn, along the Cendere stream, extending to Kemerburgaz, where the decovil train line, which will be stabbed into the forest like a dagger, is the construction capital of the biggest windpipe that makes the area from Kemerburgaz into rant haven and brings the cleanest breath of the Northern Forests to the city. can not be allowed to be cut by. There is no Belgrade Forest or Istanbul. ”
Tender bids

RayhaberAccording to news in the tender bids were given.

In the tender, the approximate cost of the project was announced as 463 million 207 thousand TL.

The lowest bid in the tender 321 million TL Yz Infrastructure Construction; Neoray + Nuhoğlu partnership 369 million TL; Akçadağ + Kmb + Nas partnership 377 million 888 thousand TL bid. Other offers are as follows: engiz Cengiz + Kolin + Kalyon partnership 398 million 400 thousand TL; Özka + Adfa partnership 427 million 687 thousand TL; Gülermak + Nurol partnership 439 million 984 thousand TL; Doğuş Construction 490 million 885 thousand TL; Building Center 529 million 942 thousand TL; Alsim Alarko 569 million TL ”.

Which company or business partnership won the tender will be determined after the tender commission evaluates the bids.

What is a project?

Within the scope of the project, IMM site will be 25 kilometers long line, 10 station, and it is planned to build a bicycle and pedestrian path along the line planned to be completed in 22 month. It is even said that it is planned to serve with nostalgic means.

Itinerary: Construction of the first 2 stage will begin. Located in Hat Silahtarağa area, Santral will start from Istanbul and follow Kağıthane stream and Cendere road and end at Ayvad Bendi promenade area via Göktürk.

Stations: Santral İstanbul, Kağıthane, Sadabat, Cendere, TT Arena, Hamidiye, Kemerburgaz, Mithatpaşa, Ayvad Bendi and Göktürk Stations, together with 1 warehouse maintenance area is planned to be built.

Line District: Kağıthane and Eyüp

Integration Points; Mahmutbey- Mecidiyeköy- under construction Kabataş It will be at Sadabat Station with Metro Line, Eminönü-Alibeyköy Tram Line and Silahtarağa Station under construction, Istinye-ITU-Kagithane Metro Line and TT Arena Station.

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