Minister Arslan talked about the transportation projects of Izmir

Minister Arslan talked about the transportation projects of Izmir: Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that the partnership of the IC-Astaldi-Kalyon Group was awarded for the Menemen-Aliaga-Candarli Motorway tender.

Minister Arslan, in a press conference at the Regional Directorate of Highways, made evaluations about the projects in and around Izmir.

Arslan, Turkey, Asia and Izmir Considering the bridge between Europe was also stated that a significant main corridor line.

Mentioning the tender of Menemen-Aliağa- Çandarlı Motorway, Minister Arslan stated that 6 bids and 13 companies received bids from the tender and said, “The shortest period of these bids was 9 years, 10 months and 11 days from our country, IC, Kalyon Construction and Astaldi from Italy, He had offered an operating period of 3 years including construction time. The proposals of all 6 groups were examined technically and found valid. As of today, we have invited the IC-Astaldi-Kalyon group, which has given the shortest period of time, by accepting the tender decision, into force and for the contract. ” said.

Stating that they attach great importance to the project, Arslan said, “From Menemen to Aliağa and from there to Çandarlı Port, and more importantly, it will both relieve the traffic of İzmir and complement the corridor of Çanakkale as the complementary corridor of the 18 Çanakkale Bridge, where we will lay the groundwork on 1915 March. they are complementary to an important corridor that can send the cargo movement in the Aegean to the north of our country, Thrace, and then to Europe. ” he spoke.

Arslan stated that 76 km long, even heavy traffic congestion will be resolved after Menemen, “We will lay the foundation next month, we will put it into operation within 3 years. There will be much easier access to the surrounding geography of İzmir. ” said.

Explaining that the intersection projects in Aliağa are finished and they will complete the tender process this year, Minister Arslan informed that the investment value of the project is 1 billion 437 million liras. Arslan said, “We will have realized it with the Build-Operate-Transfer model. Especially for those who want to create a perception that our country's economy is weakening, after the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, this is a very good answer. It is a tender where the interest of foreigners is also intense outside of our country. ” found the assessment.

Expressing that they want to facilitate the urban transportation in İzmir, Arslan stated that all the views regarding the Gulf Crossing were taken to the final stage, they will complete the process until the end of March and accordingly they will start the development planning studies. Arslan stated that they will start the tender process with the “build-operate-transfer” method in March.

Cesme Alacati Airport

Referring to Çeşme Alaçatı Airport, Arslan stated that they have completed their feasibility studies and that the prepared projects have been approved. Arslan said, “In this month, we will bring it to the Higher Planning Board so that it can be tendered with the build-operate-transfer model and try to bring a new airport to the Aegean Region.” he spoke.

Providing information about the Izmir-Istanbul Airport studies, Arslan said that they have completed the Bornova Viaduct and the Belkahve Tunnel. Expressing that they will hold the opening ceremony of the viaduct and tunnel soon, Minister Arslan said, “We will be connecting the bus station to Turgutlu. We will open the way for trade as we facilitate the lives of the people of İzmir with the 25-kilometer highway. When we finish the entire highway in 2018, Izmir will not only remain the pearl of the Aegean. ” said.

Arslan stated that they attach great importance to the railway project and that the tender for the high-speed train project Salihli-Manisa will be completed soon.

Arslan also touched on the Aliağa-Çandarlı-Bergama railway connection works and said, “Our trains will be able to go to Tekirdağ from Çandarlı to Bandırma, and from there to Tekirdağ and then to Europe. We initiated the tender process for Aliağa-Çandarlı-Bergama-Railway construction, and we receive their offers on March 21. ” he spoke.

Projects for İZBAN

Stating that the projects on İZBAN are progressing according to the calendar, Minister Arslan said, “We run the train that we run every 10 minutes… 229 trains are running every day… we will also start the work that will reach 6 minutes in the morning and evening. Thus, our daily train number will increase to 264. ” used the expression.

Stating that they will transfer the 10 sets of the Marmaray Project to İzmir with their drivers, Arslan said, “We are making the people of Izmir to benefit from Marmaray in order not to wait.” he spoke.

Minister Arslan reminded that the Izmir Alsancak Port tradesmen have experienced difficulties due to the contraction in tourism in the last period, “We reduced the wages we received from them by 2016 percent in 50. Recently, we have reached the 20% discount by making additional 40-70 percent discounts. ” said.

Explaining that they will start the construction of Belevi-Tire split roads and conclude the tender of the Northern Aegean Çandarlı Port, Arslan said that they started the work of the New Foça Yacht Harbor on November 15, the refurbishment of the Adnan Menderes Airport's runways, the tender for the renovation of the terminals, the completion of the tender for the construction of additional aprons. He stated that they were delivering and that they would install the system that protects the planes against icing.

“Wealth Fund will be able to fund much more comfortably in the world market”

Answering the questions of the press members after his speech, Minister Arslan said, “The aim of all our projects is to facilitate the lives of our people. I hope our friends at UKOME have decided accordingly. They have to make a decision considering this. ” found the assessment.

Arslan, the question about the metro project of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality until Narlıdere, will be “Treasury study if the sign of a loan is expected from the Council of Ministers. As for the approval of the project, we continue to support every project that makes people's lives easier. ” paid off.

On a question regarding the Çandarlı Port tender process, Arslan said, “We thought of it as a container port rather than the harsh conditions.” said.

Commenting on the transfer of Alsancak Port to the Asset Fund, Minister Arslan also said:

“It was particularly emphasized that the Wealth Fund is not a privatization. I'm stressed. Both Alsancak Port, Türksat and HalkBankası… The Treasury is the owner of these assets. Now he will own the Wealth Fund, not the Treasury. The mentality of the Wealth Fund is that the idle structure from all assets becomes beneficial. The creation of funds, including transportation projects, to put them into use in order to provide them with the necessary appropriations and to find loans. Of course, it is more convenient. There is much more suitable credit depending on the trust depending on the country, not commercial credit. There is no change in management, renewals and improvements under the ministry will continue. Wealth Fund will be able to fund much more comfortably in the world market with the power it receives from assets. Finding collateral and funding of any of these assets is not fundraising. The Wealth Fund considers it a collateralized application but should not be confused. ”

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