Cables of Eurasia Tunnel Prysmian Group from Turkey

Eurasia Tunnel Cables Prysmian Group from Turkey: Turkey Prysmian Group, Turkey gave life with the most important projects of the Eurasia Tunnel cord with the latest technology. Wide range of products with all kinds of special products according to the needs of projects that Prysmian Group Turkey, finally Istanbul's 3rd airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, took part in the Dardanelles Submarine Cable Connection Project.

Worldwide energy and telecommunications cables industry leader Prysmian Group's operations in Turkey the Prysmian Group Turkey, Asia and Europe for the first time sea floor that connects to the bottom with a passing highway tunnels and 20 was given life with opened Eurasia Tunnel cable service in December.

specially designed cables in Italy for CPC tunnel digging machine used in the project, Firetuff featured optical fiber cables, data cables, all fiber optic and data cable accessories as well as the required cables for radio announcement broadcast system in the tunnel at Prysmian Group was supplied by Turkey. For the FM broadcasting system of the Eurasia Tunnel, coaxial antenna cables and accessories with a length of 15 are used. For the cables, a special outer jacket color was made with the same color as the interior of the tunnel.

Construction of transportation in the world and Turkey, similar to many important projects in the supply cables Prysmian Group 3 Among the projects that contribute to Turkey's Istanbul. There are many special projects such as the airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Çanakkale Strait Submarine Cable Connection Project, Tunel Tunnel between. Several subway and tunnel projects based on the needs of the various cables supporting Prysmian Group Turkey differs, still gives the cable, similar to Belkahve and Selcukgazi tunnel.

Prysmian Group CEO Turkey, indicating that they were very proud to take part in major projects in Turkey Erkan Aydogdu, "Turkey, we put you through to tomorrow" mission of our movement, which is a first in Turkey, we have served double-decker Eurasia Tunnel cable in. We have connected the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway with the latest technology and the continents. In 2017, we will continue our way in parallel with our current perspective and the projects we have realized so far. We always compete with ourselves, we try to achieve greater successes than the previous year. We will continue this way in the future. Yet again "Turkey tomorrow we transfer you to" prove the accuracy of our mission, we will continue working in the most prestigious area, "he said.

Important taking part in the project said they will continue to invest in the future of our country Erkan Aydogdu, the words continued as follows: "techniques in the growing construction industry every day in Turkey develops, we also continue to develop our product range by adapting to new trends as Prysmian Group Turkey. our success in manufacturing as areas requiring special cables Prysmian Group Turkey We are also proud of having been proved in many projects. "

Short, safe and comfortable travel cycle between two continents

The Eurasia Tunnel will provide safe and comfortable travel between the two continents with its advanced technology. The Eurasia Tunnel, built as a two-storey building, will have a one-way transition from the 2 strip on each floor. It will be the fastest link between the airports in Istanbul and the key link completing the highway network. Reduction of traffic density will reduce the exhaust emission rate. In the eastern part of the historical peninsula, a significant reduction in traffic will be achieved. The tunnel, which can only be used by minibuses and automobiles, was designed according to an earthquake of magnitude 7,5.

The Eurasia Tunnel consists of three main sections with a total of 14,6 kilometers. The most important phase of the project is the Bosphorus Crossing, which has a length of 3,4 kilometers. Approximately 2 million cubic meters were excavated in the project, 700 thousand cubic meters of concrete, 70 thousand tons of iron was used. In other words, the project was excavated enough to fill the 788 olympic pool.

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