Public transport in Sakarya

Arrangement in public transport in Sakarya: Public transport to provide information about the new work of the head of the Department of Transportation Fatih Pistil, two new lines will be taken into service by expressing the intensity of the number of lines, announced the increase in the number of expeditions. "Two new lines from Sakaryapark to the North Terminal and Sakaryapark to the Campus would be better," he said.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in the field of transportation in line with the needs of the city. Chairman of the Department of Transportation Zeki Toçoğlu'nun more effective, integrated and preferred to carry out the necessary studies in line with the target of the Transportation Department Fatih Pistil, two new lines will be taken into service, while the density of the lines experienced in increasing the number of voyages, he said.

30 even 65 bus
Stating that the 30 (65) 25 bus also provides transportation services to the average XNUMX thousand citizens, Pistil said: X We continuously monitor and analyze the amount of travel on hourly basis and regionally. We make line and expedition planning by taking into consideration the demands of our citizens with the effective use of public resources. In this context, we have planned new lines for the developing regions of the city. Bu

We provide convenience
Stating that one of the planned new routes will bring significant convenience to the citizens living in the district of Erenler, Pistil said, “Also this new line will be combined with the existing 19K line and will address a significant part of our district. Citizens who will use this line will have access to Serdivan and the campus with the only means. Bu Pistil also gave information about the planned other line work, 'We extend our existing line of 1 to the North Terminal and form the line between North Terminal and Meat Fish. Thus, we connect the southern and northern settlements of the city by one means Böylece.

Increasing the number of flights
Stating that they have carried out the necessary studies considering the density experienced as a result of the population increase in certain parts of the city, Pistil said, “Especially in our Yenikent region, the densities experienced in the morning and evening work-school hours were determined and the trips were increased. Accordingly, additional flights were placed on the lines 21A, 21B, 22A, 22B, 24 and 24K at the specified hours. "With the additional flights made to these lines connected to the campus, a solution will be provided to the passenger density in the Serdivan region during school time."

Significant contribution
Pistil says that the arrangements will begin to be implemented on 4 February Saturday, the corporate web page (www.sakarya.bel.t isSAKUS application can be obtained through detailed information; Adı We hope that these new arrangements, which we think will make a significant contribution to the city center's public transport network, will be beneficial to our citizens, toplu he concluded.

The line which will be formed by combining with 19K line will be as follows;

Sakaryapark - Uluyol Street - Nilüfer Street - 8071 Street - 8046 Street - 1139 Street - İlhan Aras Street - Yavuzselim Street - Türbe Street - Bağlar Street - Research Hospital - Akşemsettin Street - Mimar Sinan Street - Erenler Municipality - Sakarbaba Street - Şht Y.Güler Street - Hacıoğlu Muhtarlığı - Potato Market - Sakarya Street - Boulevard

The route which will be followed by the extension of the existing line of 1 will be as follows;

Sakaryapark - Etbalık - Ada AVM - Toptancılar Sitesi - Küpçüler Street - Sakarya Street - Potato Market - Turan Street - Öbek Street - Yeğenler Street - Ankara Street - Soğan Bazaar - Karaağaç Boulevard - İnönü Street - Karasu Street - North Terminal

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