Antalya's Hayali, Tünektepe Cable Car Line was launched

Antalya's Dream, Tünektepe Cable Car Line Opened to Service: Completed by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Tünektepe Teleferik, 'Your feet will be cut from the ground' was opened with the slogan. 12 is a free-of-charge cable car that will provide free service until February, one person is 15 TL, two people are determined as 20 TL.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya's 30 annual dream of the Tünektepe Teleferik Project was completed and put into service. The first ones to go to Tünektepe from Sarısu were journalists following the 9 journey. President Türel heralded that the lift would be free during the 1 week and said, ı The people of Antalya will be cut off. Tel

Mayor Menderes Türel held a press conference in Tünektepe due to the completion of the imaginable Sarısu-Tünektepe Cable Car Line which has been established for many years. The first rally to Tünektepe was the President Türel and members of the press. The meeting was accompanied by an insatiable view of Antalya. Mr. Türel stated that the projects which are the dream of Antalya are being realized and explained the story of the ropeway project which has been dreaming for many years from 1986 to the present: üm The realization of a project here is brought up for the first time by Hüseyin Öğütçen, the governor of the period. Then this project begins. In 1970, a contract was signed with the company that received the tender of Döner Casino and touristic facility. The contract also says that a ropeway investment will be made between Tünektepe and Sarısu by showing the place for the Special Administration ropeway. The provision of this contract. Date 1986. However, the process that has started since then, is happy to stop us in our period. It ends in our period. Although the story is long and later in 1986 this contract is between the contractor company and the Special Administration, the first leg of the cable car in the Sarısu region and the location of the station will be allocated an area of ​​1986 for the first time, until the mayor is not resolved until resolved, can not be solved. For the first time in 10, when we became mayor, we have solved the station of the cable car at zero level with the implementation of 2004 acres. After that, these works are continued by the Special Administration after we resign. Again, the Governor of the period, Ahmet Altıparmak, I would like to express my gratitude to both of our governors, and this enables the cable car tender to be realized. Year 10. A further tender is then held at 2012. It's important to start a business. When we get back to office after 2013 year, we are taking over the construction of this cable car tender from 5. At the time of taking over, the physical realization rate of the ropeway construction is less than almost 2014. We are working with an understanding that every project we have started should be completed. Immediately, we ask the contractor to take the responsibility of completing the responsibility. This construction work continues in our second period. However, because the contractor firm is in financial trouble, we terminate the tender and we are going to tender the project for the second time. The process of completing the completion process for the second time, we are now able to open the service ay

Mr. Türel, who stated that the ropeway project costing a total of 14 million 694 thousand 818 liras, has been realized in a very economic figure compared to the similar projects in other provinces. Our lift is approximately 1706 meters long and the cable length is 3604 meters. We provide 8 cabin with 36 capacity. 1200 can carry people easily. You can reach Tünektepe at an altitude of 9 meters during the 605 minute period. As of today, test runs have now been completed. It also leads to the benefit of the people of Antalya. Antal

The official opening of the ropeway project next week, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim will be held in Antalya in the opening ceremony to be held in the collective recording Türel, the official opening until the teleferikle Antalya will heralded that they will transport to Tünektepe. President Turel, after the official opening of the cable car fares, round trip a person 15 pounds, said the two people identified as 20 pounds, "This is Turkey's cheapest cable car handling fees. Last week I joined a program in Bursa Uludağ with our mayors.
38 is transported to Uludag with a fee of £. Of course, we should say that our cabins are much more comfortable. Tab

Your foot will be cut off
Mayor Menderes Türel told that the people of Antalya could easily go out to Tünektepe during the day and said bil Foreign tourists will be able to watch Antalya as a bird's eye in the same way. Our motto is ”Your foot will be cut from the ground ın This project will be instrumental in cutting the leg of the people of Antalya. Sl

Expressing his happiness that another dream is coming true in Antalya, Türel said that the operation of the cable car facility was undertaken by the municipality company ANET A.Ş. stated that it will be done by Reminding that they have a vision project for Tünektepe, Türel said: “It is another dream project of Antalya. Very different value to Antalya kazanIt will also emerge as a symbolic structure that will Our bureaucratic work on this continues. With the approval of the Prime Ministry, we transferred this area to the General Directorate of Forestry. Our General Directorate of Forestry is now transferring to the General Directorate of National Parks. A committee was formed for this purpose. Later, as a result of a planning we will make with the General Assembly for the Protection of Natural Assets, we will have realized this project that will befit Antalya. There will be no structure more than a centimeter in mass. With the demolition of the existing structure, there will be a touristic facility with the same density around the same square meter. Of course, the viewing terrace and day-trip areas here will continue to be open to the public. You know, the back of the building is a tourist facility. In the past, it was used as a tourist facility. On that side, it will be possible to support tourism for accommodation purposes again.”

President Türel said that Bakanlığı These services were not done when we were not in office Genel and gave the answer: T See General Directorate of Real Estate, General Directorate of Forestry, Directorate General of Natural Assets, General Directorate of National Parks, Ministry of Tourism, This issue can be solved with the permission of the General Directorate of Investment Enterprises and finally the Directorate General of Natural Assets under the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Of course, Prime Minister of the 6 can be resolved with the permission of the separate institution. Here is the location of the station in a zero-elevation 2004-2009 period fell to us. Nobody looked back. From 1986 to 2005, no effort has been made to separate the station from this ropeway. At that time, we solved this by working with other institutions. That's why it happens when you work. That's why it's happening now, that's why it's not happening to this day. This is, of course, with harmonious management. Enk

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