Electric shocked child in a train car in Adiyaman

In Adıyaman, the child who hit the train car was hit by an electric shock. In Adıyaman's Gölbaşı district, Oktay Ballıcan, who was an 15-year-old student who suffered an electric current passing through the high-voltage line, was disastrously burned.

According to the information obtained, the incident took place in the afternoon of February 02 at Gölbaşı Station. Oktay Ballıcan (15) went on the wagon of a freight train parked at the station to play.

After playing for a while on the wagon, Ballıcan was subjected to the electric current passing through the high voltage line. Ballıcan noticed by the surrounding area, was downloaded by car after the wagon was taken by ambulance to Gölbaşı State Hospital.

Ballıcan, who was treated in the emergency room and reported to have severe burns on his body, was transferred to Adıyaman Training and Research Hospital on the grounds that he was in danger of life.

Last month, two girls from 15 who wanted to make selfies on wagon in Dörtyol district of Hatay were injured by electric current when they contacted the high voltage line.

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