This week 3 will make a billion Chinese trip


About 3 billion people will travel on the spring festival in China. This year, overseas Chinese who prefer the most popular destinations accounted for the following regions and countries, South American countries, Turkey and Egypt.

Spring Festival, which is considered the beginning of the new year according to the traditional calendar of China, started on January 28 this year. While entering the Year of the Rooster with the Spring Festival, the official holiday covers January 27-February 2. Approximately 2017 billion Chinese people are expected to travel during the Spring Festival of 3, which covers the period in question.

Plane, bus and train tickets are running out during the Spring Festival holiday, which is celebrated by the Chinese. In this case, depending on their traditions, those who want to spend the holiday at home with their family often reach their destination with more than one transfer.

According to the news of the Turkish section of the Chinese International Radio (CRI), a teleconference was held in Beijing, the Capital Spring 2017 traffic. The conference was attended by officials from 11 organizations, such as the China National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the China Railway General Company, the China Civil Aviation Agency and the Ministry of Public Security. Lian Weiliang, Vice President of the Development and Reform Commission of China, said that according to the first estimates, approximately 3 billion people will travel during the holiday.

As every year, this year the railway will play the biggest role in the Spring Festival traffic. Li Wenxin, Deputy General Manager of the China Railway Company, said that the number of passengers using the rail during the holiday will reach 352 million. Wenxin said that this figure will increase by 9,7 percent compared to the same period of last year and will carry an average of 8 million 800 thousand passengers per day.

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