Italy's train crash bill cuts bosses

In Italy, the train accident was cut off by bosses: In the case of a train crash in 2009 in Italy, which caused the death of one 32, businessman Mauro Moretti was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Moretti was head of Italian Railways (FS) at 2009.

Michele Mario Elia, the former boss of the Italian Railway Network (RFI), who was tried in the same case, was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months.

Leonardo's boss Moretti of the Italian defense industry and Michele Mario Elia is expected to appeal the decision.

The decision was attended by the survivors of the incident and photographs of the victims who had died.

Marco Piagentini, chairman of the committee em The world I dreamed of ünde in the accident, said that the security gap could not be solved:

Gibi You can't imagine that something like this happens in 2009, just like today. Because the safety standards have not changed. Even in your home you may be in danger. All the people who lost their lives were in their houses that evening. None of the platform did not expect the train. Everyone was at home. Herkes

29 June In the 2009, a freight train derailed in the Tuscan region of Italy and an explosion occurred in LPG-loaded cars.

Due to the explosion, the houses around the railroad were heavily damaged, while the fire caused by LPG cars was hardly extinguished.



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