Participated in the Transportation Oludeniz Cooperative

Transition to Transportation Participated in Oludeniz Cooperative: Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in Muğla in the Project of Transformation in Transportation Project 22 Fethiye Oludeniz Cooperative participated.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in the province of Muğla, which continues to support the Transformation Project in Transportation, which is supported by citizens and drivers, joined the Fethiye Oludeniz Cooperative 22. 54 61 1671 1085 85 latest model, air-conditioned, electronic tracking system, convenient for disabled people with comfortable vehicles attended the conversion of the XNUMX percent completed.

Fethiye Ölüdeniz Cooperative Chairman said that the text in Ölüdeniz, which is one of Turkey's most important tourist resort in Cinar vehicle presentation ceremony will serve the then modern and equipped vehicles to citizens and labor in the process and thanked everyone who contributed. The President of the Chamber of the Fethiye Chauffeur, Şaban Taşar, stated that they have experienced the spiritual happiness of providing transportation services to the citizens who have free and discounted travel due to the city card application. the first Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality. He thanked all of Osman Gürün's staff.

Land Conversion% 85 Completed ”

In the statement made by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, 61 cooperative with 1671 member, 1085 with 8 last model, disabled ramped, air-conditioned vehicle to participate in the Fethiye district with the Oludeniz Cooperative in the city center serving 316 cooperative 5 vehicle to private public transportation system was completed the transition was completed. Fethiye district of the vehicles participating in the conversion to date 236 200 569 430 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX passenger said in the statement that the passengers benefit from the XNUMX'un free travel was also mentioned.

”We are realizing our goals one by one, and we are enjoying the happiness of fulfilling our promises.“

Speaking at the introductory ceremony of Ölüdeniz Cooperative's vehicles participating in the transformation in transportation, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün said that they realized the services that should be in Muğla, worthy of Muğla, by talking to each other and exchanging ideas, and that Muğla deserves the best of all kinds of services. told. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Osman Gurun; “As Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, we are achieving our goals one by one and fulfilling the promises we made to you. In a service to Muğla, everyone should contribute and have an idea, and we should enjoy the services rendered to Muğla together. Members of our Ölüdeniz Cooperative came together in Fethiye and participated in our transportation transformation project by talking to each other. While enjoying the happiness of serving our citizens with better quality, sustainable and modern vehicles, at the same time, by generating regular income. kazanthey will provide. The satisfaction of our citizens and driver tradesmen is important to us. With our transportation transformation project, 85 percent of which has been completed throughout Muğla, we will continue to transport our citizens to their loved ones with more modern, safe and disabled ramp vehicles, and we will continue to put a smile on their face. Muğla is worthy of the best of services.” said.

The presentation of the vehicle carried out in Fethiye Ölüdeniz, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. Together with Osman Gürün Deputy Mayor of Fethiye Mete Atay, CHP Muğla Provincial Chairman Mürsel Alban, CHP Fethiye District President Ali Özgür Kullukçu, CHP Seydikemer District President Nalan Büyükçoban, CHP Antalya deputy in the previous term. Bekir Kumbul, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Department Heads, Fethiye Drivers and Automobiles Chamber of Tradesmen Chamber President Şaban Taşar and citizens attended.

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