First pickaxe shot in Larende Underpass Project

The first pickaxe was shot in the Larende Underpass Project: The Larende Underpass Project in Larman, which will connect Larende and Sümer Neighborhoods to the city center, was hit.

The most important underpass project is being realized in Karaman, which has been talked about for many years but could not be implemented and that will connect Larende and Sümer Neighborhoods to the city center. Work has begun on the Larende Underpass Project.

About 40 years ago, the construction of an overpass was started to connect the neighborhoods on the other side of the railway line to the city center in terms of transportation, but this project could not be realized due to different reasons. Some of the bridge that was built remained a freak and became one of the most important problems of Karaman. These bridge legs were demolished by Karaman Municipality in 2012.

Within the scope of Karaman-Ulukışla high-speed train works in cooperation with Karaman Municipality and TCDD, between Kemal Kaynaş Stadium and Wheat Market, 100. The work began on the subway which will be constructed under the passage of Yıl Caddesi and the train line. Within the scope of the works, water-sewer, electricity and telecommunication lines are displaced.

Speaking about the underpass project, Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan said: “We are now resolving a 40-year-old problem. We did not start work to prevent our citizens from being victims due to winter conditions and heavy rainfall. Now, work has begun on the underpass project that will bring life to our neighborhoods on the other side of the railway. As a municipality, we have provided all the architectural and technical support for the project to be implemented as soon as possible. I hope the Larende Underpass Project will be at the service of our Karaman this year. Best wishes."

Municipal teams within the scope of underpass works; Drinking water, sewage, rain water lines will not disrupt the work of the deplase work. In addition, MEDAŞ and Telekom will also dispense lines so that they do not interfere with the service.

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