3 Year old girl in China fell between train and platform

In China, the 3 girl fell in between the train and the peron: the unimaginable incident in China, a 3-year-old girl at the train station ran into the train and disappeared. The incident in the vicinity of the train next to the child's rescue operation incident was reflected in the cameras.

Security camera in China's Xining train station 3 moments of a girl fell from those moments of the moments.

A woman and a girl who are approaching the train approaching to the perona are seen in the case.

The girl starts to run to the train and leaves her mother's hands, and that's what happens next.

The little girl goes missing from the gap between the train and the platform. The mother is trying to pull her daughter up in a state of horror.

Passengers who noticed the situation help the woman on the other hand, trying to prevent the movement of the train.

Finally, fortunately, it is not feared and the girl is taken out safely.


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