Urban transportation problems and solutions in Bursa

Urban transportation problems and solutions in the city of Bursa: Since our city has become a city, since the 1987 (districts 1989), many projects such as light rail system have been made in the city transportation.

On the other hand, traffic and transportation continue to be the biggest problem in the districts where the population density is increasing, especially the city center.

We will try to briefly summarize our opinions and thoughts about the mistakes and solutions made so far in urban transportation and traffic…

In this article, we will try to express the projects and principles which should be included in traffic and transportation planning in short titles.

-The master transport plan, central government representatives, local governments, representatives of the relevant departments of the university, related professional chambers and non-governmental organizations are not prepared with scientific, technological, long-term and transparent approach and understanding.

-In-city main transportation plan has not been prepared as a whole with metropolis scale master and application development plans of our city.

-After the preparation of the urban transportation plan has been very inadequate and did not solve the important problems.

- In the intra-city transportation plan, there is no need to build underground subways in the city center and this issue should be included in the transportation plan and integration should be provided at a certain point by light rail system.

- In light of the light rail system project we prepared, tram and tramway were preferred for the terminal and Demirtaş OSB line (Yalova road) rather than the light rail system which has a much larger passenger capacity between these regions.

- This is the wrong choice due to the increase in the intensity of this problem is already already serious problems, and even more in the coming years, these problems will be inevitable.

- Intra-city transportation is not considered a public service and priority has not been given to public transport systems.

- First of all, transportation of people instead of motor vehicles has not been targeted in urban transportation.

-In addition to the geographical and topographic structure of the city, the economic, cultural and tourism potential of the city should be taken into consideration.

- It is not based on light rail which we started long ago in public transport.

-Especially not supported by tram and rubber wheeled vertical lines to the surrounding settlements from Light rail stops.

-For the parking places that are not required to be built for the special railroad stations, the citizens who left their homes and workplaces by their own means have been forced to go from work to home and go with their own private cars because there is no parking space.

- Intra-carriage transportation should be fast, reliable, comfortable and inexpensive.

- In addition to the urban transportation roads in the main transportation plan, integration with rail, sea and air transportation has not been taken into consideration and integration has not been achieved.

-Minutes in most of the cities of the city in the city of the city center, motor vehicles to enter the center or the limit of the entry and enforcement of the applications of the city has not been included in the transportation plan.

-Public transport vehicles and systems are not handicapped and disabled.

- Istanbul 100 thousand-scale environmental layout plan is known and approved in 2009.

As we have mentioned on many grounds, this plan envisages transporting all other industrial and pollutant elements that have defined Istanbul as a trade, culture and financial center to cities outside of Istanbul and freezing the population of Istanbul.

We have stated that this plan will have negative effects in many cities in the Marmara region, as well as in Bursa on many grounds.

Ziya South

Source : I www.bursadabugun.co



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