600 thousand pounds cable theft on the high-speed train line

600 thousand lira of cable theft in high speed train line: 600 thousand lira worth of cable was stolen from the high speed train line under construction in Adana; 3 workers who allegedly stole the cables and sold them to a scrap dealer were detained.

In the incident that occurred in the town of Seyhan, allegedly, the State Railways, Adana-Mersin between the construction of a high-speed train project for the construction of a subcontractor agreed with a subcontractor company. Within the framework of this agreement, copper wire was laid in Adana-Mersin line. However, 25, 27, 30 and 31 January and 4 February, Şakirpaşa-Yenici line between the copper wire theft was. Subsequently, the subcontractor applied to the police. The police came to the scene and took a copper wire sample.

As a result of the researches taken in the direction of the samples taken at the Şakirpaşa neighborhood Ömer A. 's scrap ware found copper wires of State Railways. Taking his statement to safety, Ömer A. said that he could not remember buying copper wires. Meanwhile, 4 again occurred on February Saturday in the event of copper wire theft. Police once again appealed to Ömer A. 's statement. In the interview, Ömer A. claimed that he bought copper cables from Savaş A. (22), Ömer A. (24) and Sedat A. (28).

Police also called the suspects in the neighborhood caught Şakirpaşa. Police detained detainees, copper wires working in the day-time subcontracting company, the suspects stole the wires during the day night stolen found. The suspects refused to blame the crime on top of each other.

Police identified 5 2 660 600 meters per day in the determination of the wire stealing the State Railways XNUMX thousand pounds were found to be damaged.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 15:48

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