3rd airport statement from Minister Arslan

Minister Arslan's third airport statement: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan made statements about the 3rd airport.

Minister Arslan said:

We do the third airport by filling the marshes where the coal mines are located and we are doing a very serious greening work around. We are at 42 level as construction. Now 23 is running a thousand people 24 hours. This number will be 30 thousand from spring. The first runway's over. The terminal started to appear. Together with the AK Party governments in our country, 35 million passengers fly in and out of the year. This 185 is in million. 26 has arrived at the airport 55. We aim to fly 200 million passengers only at the third airport. Every airport you make, the divided road, each railway, each sea port geography increases the dependence of the countries around us. Commercial addiction is as important as weapons. The world's largest trading rulers and stakeholders cake ones 'Alas a slice of the pie going to Turkey' diyip trying to intercept it. This way, they tried to stop the transportation projects, which are the sine qua non of trade. They didn't want the third airport for him. Considering the 2012, the added value we create in the aviation sector is 22 billion dollars. At 2025, we will only create an added value of 25 billion dollars from this airport. We will be running 2020 thousand people in 200s. In the first half of the 2018, we will open the first part of the 90 million passengers. Then, according to the passenger uptrend, we will open the part that goes to 200 million. Sonra

Source : I www.airporthaber.co

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