2018 target in Samsun Rail System

2018 target in Samsun Rail System: A new tram has been added to the rail system line which is one of the indispensables of transportation in Samsun.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality light rail system line Gar-Tekkeköy in the second stage of the construction of the 8 pieces purchased by SAMULAS 6'nc of the local road yesterday came to Samsun by road.

Production and factory tests completed in Bursa, the sixth domestic tram departed yesterday evening, reached Samsun by road. 6'nın Panorama, after the rail operation from the station station 01.00-04.00 hours after the rails 04.00 ranks Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAS Maintenance and Operation building moved. SAMULAŞ Maintenance and Repair Manager Ziya Kalafat and SAMULAŞ technical team took part in the study.

SAMULAŞ and the company team immediately start the operational tests of 5527-coded Panorama model light rail vehicle, and after the performance tests on the University-Tekkeköy light rail line, 6's local tram will start to serve Samsun people.

On the other hand, SAMULAŞ General Manager Kadir Gürkan pointed out that the total number of trains increased to 27 and said, imiz Our 2 train will be in Samsun at the end of March. Thus, we will be at the service of Samsun residents by 29 train. We will be able to substantially eliminate the congestion experienced in our trams ölçü.

2018 IN 40 TRAMVAY
Samsun Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, 2018 announces the target of the 40 tram annually Kadir Gurkan, "Samsun public transport to offer the most beautiful, most modern and most comfortable options to work day and night, we will continue to work," he said.

Source : www.samsunhaber.tc

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