1915 Çanakkale Bridge Tender Approved

Here is the Number of Vehicles Passing the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Daily
Here is the Number of Vehicles Passing the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Daily

The tender for the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge was approved: “As of yesterday, they determined that the files in 1915 groups were sufficient for the 4 Çanakkale Bridge tender and that they did not have any deficiencies, and thus the Turkish-Korean joint venture, the Korean company Daelim and SK, and Turkey's Yapı, which gave the lowest period of 16 years, 2 months and 12 days. The bid of the joint venture group consisting of the Center and Limak won the tender. As of last night, I approved the tender and invite you to the contract. So, after signing the contract, we will lay the foundation on March 18. God bless you"

Minister Arslan, Kars Governor Rahmi Doğan, Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Serdar Güngör, Provincial Police Chief Faruk Karaduman, AK Party Kars Provincial President Adem Çalkın, some provincial protocol and citizens to come to Kars Harakani Airport for various visits. welcomed.

Arslan stated that they visited Kars Governorate and came to Kars for various contacts.

Stating that the referendum or popular voting process is important, Arslan said, “I hope, with peace and blessings, our country will make the most correct decision in terms of the goals of our country. We will respect the decision of the people, we will say it on the head of the eye, everyone in the field will tell about this issue from their own window, and our people will make their decision accordingly. ” said.

Arslan, wish to be a peaceful choice, said:

“The important thing is that this election process continues in peace and brotherhood in Kars and its districts, as in every part of our country, without providing polarization, without putting duality in our people. Of course, in this regard, both you and our friends in the civil administration, who are responsible for this work, including our law enforcement officers, will perform their duties. But what falls on us as Kars people is to help you and law enforcement officers to be a peaceful choice in this regard. On this matter, I thank you. As in the past, I am sure that there will be a peaceful public vote in our country, especially in Kars. We will show our respect to the will of the people. ”

Tender process of 1915 Çanakkale Bridge

1915 Bridge Arslan also touched the tender, stressing that the project is one of Turkey's most prestigious projects, he continued:

“When you consider the economic conjuncture and the environment in the world, 10 joint venture groups made up of 1915 companies, 8 of which were foreign, 7 of which were Turkish companies, gave more than we expected in the tender process of the 15 Çanakkale Bridge, which has a price of more than 4 billion in this environment. . Very ambitious proposals came out, at the same time, 13 very important financial institutions of the world gave letters of goodwill, 'We will finance the project, welcomed'. I think this is a very nice course for those who want to put our country in trouble economically in the current process of our country. ”

Minister Arslan, indicating that there is confidence in the Turkish economy continued his speech as follows:

“Without the confidence that the country will stabilize its economy, ambitious companies and financial institutions of such ambitious countries of the world would not bid on projects of this size. As you may know, 4 joint ventures submitted bids. We opened their bids on January 26. On the day of the preliminary examinations, we also declared the proposals for the period, considering that they were all sufficient. Our technical colleagues made all the files, technical analyzes and completed their examinations in order to carry out these projects. Yesterday it was enough of files in 4 groups as they determine whether the any shortcomings, and thus 16 years 2 months 12 days to give the minimum time Turkey Korea joint venture, the Korean company Daelim and Construction from Turkey with SKI Center and of which the joint venture group consisting of Limak bid won the tender. As of last night, I approved the tender and invite it to the contract. The company in charge will thus lay the foundation on 18 March after signing the contract. May my Lord be auspicious. ”

Explaining that the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge project is an important project, Minister Aslan said, “The fact that such an important project has been awarded to 5,5 years, 16 months and 2 days including the construction period of 12 years is very important for the future of our country, but more importantly, the real world, the real economic world It has been registered is that of confidence in Turkey. It is important that the real players have made such an ambitious offer, not the ones who are playing, speculating, trying to confuse someone, and this offer has been concluded as of last night. This is a message to the world, not just here in Turkey. " said.

“Trust the Turkish people government. Because the world trusts ”

Arslan, said Turkey will resume making the big projects, "Turkey has made large projects successfully so far, it will continue to do in future. In this regard, the Turkish people should trust us in their government. No doubt. Because the world trusts. The world we are doing what and to a project that has a value of over 10 billion for the confidence they will do, so ambitious proposal giving 'yes I am in Turkey, the Republic of the 100th anniversary of one of the world's largest prestige projects targeted for completion in 2023, 2023 meters foot spans giving proposals to bridge I trust Turkey, "he said." he spoke.

Referring to the government's incentive package for attraction centers, Aslan added that they would meet with business people in Ardahan, Iğdır and Ağrı, as well as Kars, in order to address the government's actions and expectations from businessmen.

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