Joshua Hill-Beykoz Meadow is expected to allow cable car line

Yuşa Tepesi-Beykoz Meadow ropeway line is expected to be allowed: Beykoz Mayor Yucel Celikbilek said that they are waiting for permission from the Ministry of National Defense for the cable car line planned to be established between Yuşa Tepesi and Beykoz Çayırı.

Çelikbilek, AA correspondent, said that it is very important for them to make the ropeway line between Joshua Hill and Beykoz Meadow.

Unable to complete the project, voicing Çelikbilek said, ek Because there is a military zone below the area we will pass. Since we cannot pull out the line over the military zone, we have a request for permission from the Ministry of National Defense to expect the future of the cable car line. Metropolitan Municipality has left it back, but we still have not given up yet. Büyük He said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council Beykoz Sultaniye Park and Karlıtepe between the construction of the ropeway line of the reconstruction of the proposed plan to remind of the unanimous decision of the steelmaker, the first cable car line of the Anatolian side of the project will be counted for the countdown began.


Çelikbilek said that the project has reached the tender stage, said:

Abilir Probably the Metropolitan Municipality can make this tender within six months. How long does it take? Now it's a technical matter, it might be a little hard to say the details, but I think it will take at least 1,5 years. This will be the first ropeway in the Anatolian side. I believe there will be a cable car line that meets the sea. Karlıtepe is the peak of this side. I see seeing the cable car as a positive event from our Sultaniye Park. We have a promenade in Karlıtepe. Metropolitan Municipality has completed this way somehow. We have some things to add. We're thinking of building a fire tower here. There will be a tower that can be climbed by elevator.

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