Vanda Tram Project Re-Coming Again

Vanda Tram Project Came Again Agenda: The “Light Rail System Project” that came to the agenda in Van during the visit of Van, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, came to the agenda again when Van Governor İbrahim Taşyapan became Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality.

The project related to the light rail system, where 2 thousand 500 people can be transported daily for the solution of the transportation problem of the city in the Ottoman period, started to be discussed again after 108 years. Rector of YYÜ Dr. While Peyami Battal stated that they presented the project to Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of the period in 2013, Tusba Mayor Assoc. Dr. Fevzi Özgökçe said that they are ready to make the necessary contribution.

Rector of Yüzüncü Yıl University (YYÜ), who made statements on the subject, Dr. Stating that they have been making efforts for the light rail system, which has been on the agenda for about 3 years, Peyami Battal said, “During our visit to our university during the ministry of our Prime Minister, we presented this centuries-old project. Our Prime Minister's opinion in this direction was positive. Therefore, he asked for the necessary works to be presented to them later in the meetings held with our relevant general manager. Now, we have created the project we presented to you and presented it to him. ”

“There was another chance for our Van”

Expressing their belief that positive steps will be taken in 2017, Rector Battal said, “Now there is another chance for our Van. Dear governor, we know that he is very positive and positive about these issues as he also looks at the mayor. Therefore, we can say that their thoughts on this project are very positive. I believe that more positive steps will be taken in the next period. Both the ministry and our governor have information on this issue. I hope that in 2017 clearer steps towards the project will be taken and concrete things will be revealed. In fact, if he thinks of a project as a ministry, operate, and transfer, the rumors that he may be suicidal have come to us. ”

Adding that Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has information about the project, Battal continued as follows:

"Hopefully, this project will not only be the solution of Van's transportation problem, but also ensure that the city spreads to a wider area and we will reach the target quickly, with positive steps to be taken in this regard."

“As Tusba Municipality, we are ready to contribute to the project”

Pointing out that the traffic problem has grown with Van becoming a metropolitan city, Mayor of Tusba, Assoc. Dr. Fevzi Özgökçe stated that they are ready to do their best regarding the project and said, “As Tusba Municipality, which is one of the three central municipalities related to the light rail system project, which will extend from our university to the city center and from there to our Edremit district, we are ready to make the necessary contribution to the project. With the existing zoning plan within the borders of our district, this system has been transferred to our province. kazanWe are ready to do the necessary work in order to For this purpose, we demand that our Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, İbrahim Taşyapan, and our investors, who have a voice here, should turn to this investment as soon as possible.

Stating that the project, which was on the agenda in the last period of the Ottoman Empire, could not be realized through the wars that took place, President Özgökçe said, “Our province is very suitable for the project related to the light rail system, which has been an imaginary project for our Van since the Ottoman period. In our city, which has a smooth ground and does not have any problems in terms of infrastructure, if our project is realized, our people will be able to travel more comfortably and quickly with a wide network that can reach every point in 1800-1900 elevations of the Van sea. I believe that traffic problems with my light rail system, which is now a need for our city, can be solved seriously. ”

Van OSB President Şemsettin Bozkurt stated that a serious employment will be provided with this project and said, “With this project, there is a circulation of at least 300 thousand passengers per day. I believe that this project from Bostaniçi to İskele, from university to Edremit will contribute significantly to the development of the city. "The Light Rail System Project", which is a 100-year-old project and also engraved as a dream project of Van, will add brand value to our city and contribute to the development of the city.

“The project can be realized without leaving five cents from the state's safe”

Defending that there is no reason not to take concrete steps regarding the project in 2017, Bozkurt said, “There are examples of this in Konya and Bursa. Even if the state wishes, this project can be made to domestic companies through the make-operate-transfer method, and if this method is followed, the project can be implemented without leaving five cents in the state's safe. ”

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