Huge investment in Turkey will add momentum to the generator industry

Turkey's giant investment will add momentum to the generator industry: planned investments in the construction sector in Turkey is also hopeful the generator industry. Turkey's 2023 projects, Aksa Power Generation CEO stating pave the way for the generator industry Alper Peker, until the year 2025 the company 1 billion turnover target in line with Turkey, after China and the United States say they will continue to evaluate investment opportunities in Europe.

Today's social and economic events, increasing industrial production and mass housing directly affect the regional electricity needs. These developments make generators the world's most rapidly growing energy source. Turkey's Aksa Power Generation's CEO and one of the most powerful players in the world Alper Peker generator industry, today emphasizes generator would give impetus to the development of the sector in the construction industry experienced in Turkey.

Big projects to boost competition in the sector

Turkey, in line with worldwide 2023 target aims to sign on to bigger projects. So this is stating the project would bring buzz of the generator sector in Turkey; Mad Energy continuity is the most important agenda item in all sectors. In order to produce generators for the needs of sectors, it is necessary to give importance to R & D studies. In this context, it will strengthen the competitive environment in the sector and provide support for the giant investments in our country will support the development of our sector. Bu

Peker said that they are prominent in big projects with the worldwide R & D structure and 7 / 24 service capacity. Ge As Aksa Power Generation, with our R & D activities we have developed for the services and demands we provide, we are carrying out very important works worldwide. Our primary responsibility is to provide the best for our country. We give to support projects that will carry our country to the destination will carry us to a brighter future together with Turkey, "he said.

Urban transformation projects create opportunities for the sector

Although the changing needs arise in the generator market, the main change that shapes the generator market is the fact that the candle burning concept has disappeared in the life of the majority of the population.

Peker emphasized that a new development and restructuring opportunity could arise with the urban transformation studies; "Today's changing lifestyle habits in Turkey 'sets new households the needs of people. While these habits explain the reason for energy demand, the fact that the combi boilers in the houses do not work without electricity during the winter months reveals the picture with greater clarity. the scope of urban transformation is foreseen renovation of approximately 7 million houses in Turkey. We believe that our sector, which provides uninterrupted energy, is very important for establishing livable cities. In this context, we, as Aksa Power Generation, aim to continue our growth in 2017 with high quality products and services in light of the principle of 100% customer satisfaction. ”

To Europe via Africa
Aksa Power Generation which has reached the world with its sales offices in addition to its production facilities in America and China; as well as at home, it performs well in abroad. Aksa Power Generation, which aims to move its first five places to the top three in the world, has India and Africa.

Aksa Power Generation CEO Alper Peker; “As Aksa Power Generation, we learn the conditions in target markets and evaluate new conditions in many new markets abroad. We have a search in Italy and Spain in Europe. Especially Spanish companies have an important activity in African countries. While evaluating this, while strengthening our place in the region, we will increase our place in the world ranking with the targeted acquisition. ”

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