Chairman of the Turkish Transport-Sen hard response from the sea Cankesene

Turkish Transport-Sen President Denizden Cankesen reacted harshly: Turkish Transport-Sen President Şerafettin Deniz reacted strongly to the statements of Transport Officer-Sen President Can Cankesen, “We have done what has not been done in DHMI for 100 years”.


In the 2005 of aviation claims, Cankesen reminded that Prime Minister Binali Yildirim was operational during the Ministry of Transportation. 2005 is not an authorized union until last year. For years we have represented these people in the capacity of a sendika other union sendika acting in our line of business. In no way did they take care of these people. The adjustments made here are grouped in 10 annually over time. 3 set of expeditions. As a result of this negligence, the employees of the airport are in trouble. In our most recent Collective Agreement, we have signed the signature and memorandum of understanding as of 31 January 2016 under additional aviation compensation. But there was a shortage here. Although 1 years have passed, this right has not been given. This is our right. This right will be taken somehow, Bu he said.

Cankesen stated that the negotiations are continuing on this issue and added,, Our Prime Minister will be involved in this issue. 9 bin 500 will be subject to a payment of additional aviation indemnity that concerns the person. We follow this. It'il do whatever it takes. We're confident that our opponents are free to talk around. 2005'dan 2015'e come up to the side of the bed has no right to tell us X he said.

As the authorized union of DHMI, Cankesen also gave information regarding the works on the regulation of aviation compensations given to DHMİ employees, send The current court continues. There are differences in the ceiling-base rates for the second group. 3. group 'why are we here?' There are cries. These need to be organized. Our case is going on in court. Somehow I'm telling you the worst script; 2 should be reduced to group. Must be the first and the second. There shouldn't be a third group. Our friends in the first group who serve direct air navigation. With the confusion of the second group, the cry of the third group must end. Our first goal is the 31 January 2016 must be concluded, the money is not given for a year must be given in a way. We continue our struggle for this. Bun

Reminding that the Regulation on DHMI is effective only in January, 2 started its activities in January. Ta We are the owner of this regulation, we have issued. She's missing. The caravan will be smashed on the way. We will correct the deficiencies of this regulation. In DHMI, we did something that could not be done for 100 years. Uncle Uncle, waiting for the call, the score, will look at the service, will demand. It will be appointed to the boarding plane between airports and will go Havalim.

Cankesen 10 AIM officers not taken from DHMI for years will be taken from within the institution, he added.

Following the announcements on, Şerafettin Deniz, the President of the Turkish Transportation Union, reacted harshly.


Labor thief has thrown again from abundant pouches!

I'm not going to eat the thing that believes in itself Sö

At least, if he is not, DHMİ is a little olmaz

What kind of brazenge is this maneuverability?

To be able to say similar lies on one foot without getting bored repeatedly has to be a real ca

My answer to Cambaza is Camb

- See, in 2005, the legal union for aviation compensation was the authorized union TURKISH TRANSPORT SEN.

- The Turkish Minister of the Day, who demanded a legal regulation on compensation from the then-current Minister, the current Prime Minister, was.

- It is the statutory regulation, the groups and he groups have ceiling charges and 3, not the 4 group. Which group will have the title and compensation rates.

- Mr. labor thief, you are referring to the 2015 collective agreement, and you are referring to what you have drawn.

In the year 2005 has been converted into a right by law, you do not mention the Turkish trade union, namely, TURKISH TRANSPORT SEN at

When the 2010 arrangement that you refer to the collective agreement is made, you are not talking about the Turkish trade union, namely TURKISH TRANSPORT SEN.

However, the General Directorate of DHMI prepared and presented to the relevant authorities and then brought into the decision of the Supreme Council of YPK as a work of the Turkish Transport, you also do not hesitate to present to DHMİ employees.

What kind of conscience is this, what kind of conscience is this, what kind of trade union morality?

- You are ... In fact, you know very well that everyone knows what you are competent to do, whether you are a member or not.

- 2010 to 2017, Are you not a member of the General Confederation? Not 2012 to 2017, General Authorized Union in Our Services.

-2014-2015, 2016-2017 periods are not the Authorized Union in DHMI.

-7 year Competent Confederation, 2 Bulk Interview, 3 Collective Agreement, 5 year General Authorized Union, 2 year DHMI to be the authorized union, you could not solve the problem of COMPENSATION?

How many Collective Agreements, how many times the General Authorized Trade Union, how many times you must be a Competent Union in DHMI, you can solve this problem ..?

If you had been the fabric, you have solved so many times.

The problem is your union understanding, your union competence.

The problem is that you are plagued by those who work as trade unionists.

-2015 Collective Agreement, you are the reason for your presence, the management level (those who ruled by the ruling rulers and rulers of justice.) In BEAUTIFUL hüküm you've signed under a regulation of X BEAUTIFUL X you have signed!

How many months has passed. Did you forget.?

Let me remind you ..

Tammmm 18 month has passed, 18 month.!

15 FEBRUARY would be paid on 2016 ..!

You know how many months have passed.

I know..

Tammmm 11 month 8 days, 11 month 8 days.!

No Prime Minister will take care of the Minister of Finance, no Minister of Labor.

3 group, but not 2 group should be .. Batch Contract table 3'dan 2'ya drop or .. hand, your arm was connected?

Did you think new?

You have to say something new to recruit members.

Look, I know this!

Let DHMI stop fooling its employees and putting people in expectation. Shame ..! It is a sin ..!

.. The court was driving. Net We all remember what he said about the latest court case clearly ..!

“The court kazansteep."

Member when you really say it kazanYou were, but all DHMI Employees, including your members, lost.!

The best thing is, when 15 goes to MAY, don't overdue this court thing.

Gelince 100 has been done in DHMI for years “

What have you done? "

You have issued .. TAYİN REGULATION İN .. !!!

Once it is not the assignment regulation. The Board of Directors of DHMİ determines the principles and procedures to be applied in the appointments.

-Question, 5. 4. 3. The reason for your presence at the airports in the group was your bread, your water, your stick that you shook at our young brothers.

Are you just such a fool and a fair-hearted trade unionist?

-DHMİ Do you have a single line written to the General Directorate on this subject?

- Is there an agenda item on the 2014 JCC / 2 and 2016 JCC / 2 meetings?

If you look at the agenda and meeting minutes of the XICUM, 2014 JCC / 1, 2015 JCC / 1 and 2016 JCC / 1 meetings, you can see very clearly who is the result of this effort and efforts.

-We had encountered a lot of lies and dolanlarınızın but we witnessed the TAILS for the first time.


But no one will believe this TAIL LIE!

Just like you're unbelievable ..!

As for AIM Officers.

The challenge is empty .. Shake as long as you find the receiver!

Until yesterday evening hours in the office of the General Directorate of DHMI Funda JANAY Miss.

I wonder if one of you was appointed ..?

2 Bulk Interview, 3 Collective Agreement, and 2 that you are authorized in DHMI ama

To DHMI Employees kazanthe only one you kazanCan you talk about me, one problem you solved?

If so, would you share with us.?

You will no longer believe anyone will lie to ın SUNSHINE WITH SUNLINE .. .. !!

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