Burulaş 45 to deal with Turkish Metal will give mass transportation card to thousand workers

The first step in relieving the trapped traffic 'Burulaş 45, who has agreed with Türk Metal, will give a thousand employees a mass transit card.

Bursa is growing, with the population, the number of vehicles in traffic is increasing rapidly. There are more than one car in many homes now.

Increased number of vehicles; Although new roads are planned and new intersections are planned, it leads to traffic congestion.
Local governments also spend most of their projects and energies looking for a solution to the traffic problem.
At this point…
The first measure taken was to prevent schools and factories from working at the same time and dispersing at the same time.
Both the service vehicles and the mass traffic to work / school or return home negatively impacts at the same time. For this reason, the hours of school start-up were gradually graded by the shifts of some large factories.
Thus, in the morning and evening, although the traffic jams did not completely disappear, relief was provided.
Although they work as a part of public transportation, they are the first ones that cause traffic congestion and service vehicles such as buses and minibuses.
In that respect O
While planning the measures to solve the traffic congestion, the service vehicles are not working in urban traffic.
The first major step was taken recently by Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe in his thought that eri Organized Industrial Zones workers should use subway and tramways instead of serving mal.
On Altepe's directive, the negotiations between Burulaş, the transport company of the Metropolitan Municipality, and Türk Metal, which is the largest organized trade union, have been positive.
According to this…
Burulaş will be given a Loyalty Card by the Turkish Metal member about 45 thousand workers. Türk Metal members will travel both in the metro system Bursaray and in the tram that runs under the name of İpekböceği, as well as on municipal buses.
Workers to the public transport, especially the subway that leads the steps of the workers' services will not follow the city traffic.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I www.ahmeteminyilmaz.co



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