TÜDEMSAŞ to be the Pioneer of the Wagon Industry

TÜDEMSAŞ Wagon Sector Will Be Leading: Governor Gul, "TÜDEMSAŞ to determine the needs of the world and in Turkey, will create standards and creating production cars will make the private sector. Therefore, there will be 5 and 15 factories like Tüdemsaş in the future. In other words, we will see that there will be dozens of companies doing the job of Tüdemsaş and exporting to places other than Tüdemsaş. It will have created its own sub-industry. " Governor Gül: “We want a medium-sized industry to be established. Hopefully, we will make this medium-scale industry a hundred fifty-square-meter shops. We will allocate these shops on one condition. So we will not sell, rent, give it free. If he has an existing business in the small industrial site and will employ an additional 15 people when he passes, we will give this man the shop for 10-15 years. Our aim is to increase employment. What will this bring? We will provide an additional employment of 100 people out of 15 in 500 shops. "

Governor Davut Gül bin 500 gave information about the project they prepared for the employment of the person and the studies they will carry out for the development of Tudemsas.

TÜDEMSAŞ governor Gul stating that created its own industry for many years after, "TÜDEMSAŞ in the world and will determine wagon needs of Turkey, will create standards and creating production cars will make the private sector. Thus, in the future, such as Tudemsas 5 15 will be the factory. So we'll take a look at the outside of Tudemsas'ın Tüdemsaş'ın work and will be the company that exports dozens of companies. He will have created his own supplier industry. Kendi


The role of Tudemsash and Tudemsash's vision is as follows; Uz We don't really want Tudemsas to produce anything and sell it alone. Tudemsash will grow, Tudemsash will develop but Tudemsas will provide clustering. Permanent, he is like Bursa. Sivas Saying, d Or when Tudemsas goes alone, let's say that after 10 year after 20 year after 100 year after Tüdemsaş'u eliminating nothing will be left to Sivas. But if Tudemsas revives the sector, if it ensures clustering, one becomes the other, the other becomes the other. And finally people in the world who demand the allocation of business places us at the holding company level, which places serious in doing business in Turkey. They will have a serious contribution to Sivas. Bunlar


Gul also said that they want to create a medium-scale industry, val We will do this in the third stage. We call these private firms to create a medium-scale industry that will produce machinery and produce parts. We hope this medium-sized industry will make a hundred square meters of shops. We will allocate these shops with one condition. So we're not selling, renting, free. We will give 15-10 yearbook to this man if the company has an existing operation on the small industrial site and will run an additional 15. Our goal is to increase employment. What's this gonna bring? In the 100 shop, we will provide additional employment of one thousand 15 people from 500. It's going to be five months in three months. But the project phase, the time to choose the location, the financing requires time. But I believe that it finds a good project finance. In time, we will implement them step by step with our other projects simultaneously. Zaman

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