Transport Officer-Sen continues its uninterrupted work in the organization

Transport Officer-Sen organization continues uninterrupted: Transport Officer-Sen General President Can Cankesen and Deputy Chairman Ibrahim Uslu continue their unremitting efforts in the organization.

Cankesen and Uslu continued their organizational work in Istanbul and visited the transportation service staff.

Cankesen, who met with our members and employees in the 1st Regional Directorate of TCDD, listened to the problems and demands of the personnel in the workplaces and consulted on their solutions. Stating that they will meet with the necessary places and convey their demands for the solution of the problems experienced, Chairman Cankesen said, kazanThey also gave information about the

During the visits, Mr. Mustafa Tamtam, the head of the branch office in Istanbul 1, Mehmet Akkuş, the President of the Kocaeli Branch, and the branch board members and workplace representatives were present.

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