Tramway Project to Relieve Diyarbakir Traffic

The Tramway Project to Relieve Diyarbakir Traffic is Implemented: As a result of the initiatives of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cumali Atilla, the project of railway tramway system that will relax the city traffic was approved.

Within the scope of the transportation master plan, Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a 14 kilometers long rail system in the city. With the rail system, it is aimed to have a significant relief in the traffic of Diyarbakır. The rail system consisting of 18 stops will start from Sur district of Dagkapi and end at the Training and Research Hospital in Kayapinar district. In the rail system where 30 wagons will work simultaneously, 3 wagons will be ready for emergencies. In order not to damage the historical walls, special insulation will be made around the rails.

'Two Steps to Do'
Stating that the rail system will significantly ease the traffic of the city, Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cumali Atilla said, “The rail system will be two stages. The first stage will start the 14 km long rail system from Dagkapi and reach the Training and Research Hospital. The second stage will go from Diclekent junction to the direction of 2 houses. Also within the scope of the transportation master plan, it includes long-term projects such as parking in the city center, traffic problem. The rail system also relieves the city's traffic problem significantly ”.

'Ekinciler Street is Closed to Traffic'
As part of the Diyarbakır transportation master plan project, Yenişehir district Ekinciler Avenue was closed to vehicle traffic and noted that there would be only a rail system. Only tram will pass through Ekinciler Street. We will clear the area on Ekinciler Street from vehicle traffic. While doing this, we focused on other alternative ways. According to the project, alternative road routes were planned to be one-way. ” spoke in the form.

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