45 million Euros of the system software to solve problems in the field of scholarship

4 different wagons in Bursaray and 3 3 different 45 software to monitor the cost of a single-download XNUMX million euros. There is no need to argue: The backbone of Bursa transportation is Bursaray. The project, which is very important for transportation, grows in stages according to the possibilities of the city. Some problems arise when growing up.
4 different rails on the car, but the system according to the company's own wagon, the software prepared by the company does not match the different tools, so frequent problems are experienced 19 January 2017 day we have expressed in these columns.
Upon this…
The Metropolitan Mayor of Rail Systems Consultant Taha Aydin called and gave very striking information.
Soze ...
U It is true that there are different vehicles in the system 4, ud he said, stressing that it is a common driving system and said:
Var There are separate company software from 3 in Bursaray. These programs are connected to each other by bridges. This means that the 3 system can be checked on the screen, and it cannot be seen on one screen. Yani
He explained the reflection of this:
”We can reduce the time between vehicles in the subway to 3 minutes, but we can't get 2 minutes, even though we have enough cars.“
It is very important:
Lazım The 3 software and screens need to be combined. But for a single screen, it is necessary to renew the software and retry all of the 40 kilometers. This has cost 45 million Euros. Bun
: Of course it would be great if it was done, but we don't see it as urgent,, he added.
Ir The current capacity of Bursaray is enough to pass a vehicle in the 3 minute, but it is not enough in the future and it should go down to the 2 minute. Until that time, the budget can be renewed and renewed. O

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    1. The regeneration of the signaling system can be less, or even more, at approximately the same order as the price. (+/-% 10).
      In fact, it can technically be reduced to 2 minutes without changing the system, but the fact that the interlocking (computer based relay systems in a simple definition) is from different manufacturers makes it difficult in Bursa. For example, they are planning to make new additions without changing the system in order to reduce the range of the series in Izmir Metro.
      Feature with 2. phase and 3. this phase (different manufacturers) and the future development of the system were not taken into consideration. 2. phase and 3. The signalization investment in the phase does not meet the need and will remain an idle investment.