The goal is to switch to 2020G in 5

End of Domestic and National 5G Project Approaching
End of Domestic and National 5G Project Approaching

📩 03/03/2021 08:19

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, said: 5G technology with the world simultaneously aims to implement, "We have brought the 2020G technology in 5, to Turkey, the object of the internet and we should not miss the contribution will bring to its development." said.

Arslan, said in a statement, about 75 million mobile subscribers now 51 million 4,5G subscribers over the 19 million is an active user, he said.

Ahmet Arslan stated that they started to work on 1G right after the 2016G technology was implemented on April 4,5, 5, and stated that they aim not to follow the countries of the world, but to apply 5G technology simultaneously with the world, and to be able to export them abroad when necessary.

Emphasizing that 5G technology will be developed and industrial applications will be improved and smart infrastructure will be built for the smart transportation systems, Arslan said that the 5G issue is at the highest level owned by the government.

Arslan, the public institutions involved in order to coordinate activities related to 5G in Turkey, operators, suppliers, academia and the Ministry with civil society organizations Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) coordination on April 29, 2016 New Generation Mobile Communication Technologies Turkey Forum in Reminding that they established (5GTR), he said:

“In this context, with the ULAK Project, we have made significant progress in the development of domestic and national products in the new generation communication infrastructure. We need to develop not only 5G, but also all products to be used in this sector, locally and become able to export them. Advancing and strengthening this goal towards 5G and beyond will lead to the creation of a new globally competitive industry. We have a good cooperation with the units under the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, BTK and TUBITAK, operators and universities. About 6 universities are actively working. Our goal is to be brought to Turkey in 2020, the 5G technology. "

Emphasizing that 5G technology means more frequency capacity and more infrastructure, Arslan stated that today millions of devices use interconnected smart technologies and this level will reach billions in the 2020s.

Minister Arslan, 5G technology within the scope of cooperation with Japan, drawing attention to, said:

“Thanks to the cooperation we established with the foresight of our Prime Minister, we will be able to use 5G technology with the world today and export it when necessary. We're talking about 40 billion devices that will be intelligently connected to each other using the Internet of Things. That's why we have brought in the 2020G technology to Turkey in 5, and we should not miss the object of the internet will bring its contribution to development. There is a good collaboration between public institutions, private sector and universities. There are many positive developments. In 2020, we will be able to apply 5G simultaneously with the world. "

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