No Railway Walk in Belgrade Forest Will Be Held

No Railway Walk in Belgrade Forest Will Be Performed: 29 January 2017 Sunday, we meet at the entrance of Bahçeköy in the Belgrade Forest at 11.30. After making our press statement against the railway which is planned to be built in Belgrad Forest, we are going on trekking.

Belgrad Forest, which has been giving life to Istanbul for thousands of years and is one of the unique pieces of the Northern Forests, is being looted with a decovil train line. Let's not let the forest forest be destroyed, let us defend our forest together, let the breath of our city.

29 January 2017 11.30 is in the forest just after the press release at the entrance of Bahçeköy in the Belgrade Forest at 2. Starting from Mahmut Bendi, we will have about 2 hour (estimated by the snow conditions) around the pond.

The newly launched signature campaign for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues to receive increasing support. The number of 3 launchers launched 6 days has passed XNUMX. The in Dekovil Line taşıyan railway project, which is planned to be slaughtered by the massacre of thousands of trees, will unravel the natural integrity of the Belgrad Forest which should be protected. from here You can check

Rainfall is not expected on Sunday, but it is advisable to wear suitable shoes and clothing, and to buy socks and similar replacement garments as the weather will be cold in the previous days. For a walk we ask you to bring hot drinks and sandwich-like snacks in the thermos.

You can take the 42HM numbered Bahceköy buses from Hacıosman Metro Station to reach the Belgrad Forest Bahçeköy entrance and get off at the last stop. Those who want can join the meeting at the Hacıosman Metro exit in 10.45, in front of the bus stops.

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