Intensive Interest in the Term

Intense interest in the term Erciyese: Those who want to have a pleasant holiday break, Erciyes Ski Center, will enjoy the snow and entertainment est

While the semester break, which will be held between 23 January and 3 February 2017, turns into a pleasant getaway for families and students, Erciyes Ski Center has started to fill its reservations. Centrally located in Istanbul Turkey and remarkable 1 hour from Erciyes Ski Center offers skiing enjoyment in the best opportunities to domestic and foreign tourists. Whether you are staying in magnificent mountain hotels at 2200 meters, or in global brand hotels in the city center and seeing Kayseri's 6000-year history of civilization, Erciyes is the most attractive ski resort.

For beginners of skiing, Erciyes A.Ş. The Snow Academia Ski School, which is a part of an independent training area, provides basic ski lessons for short-term trainings. Mount Erciyes has the opportunity to do safe skiing due to its treeless nature and also provides high level of guest safety with the 25 Personnel Track Safety Team located in the ski center and constantly patrolling. Erciyes Ski Center, which is preferred by professionals for winter sports, has a more advantageous position than the Alps with its breezy and treeless runways for snowboard and snowkite sports.

Erciyes Ski Center, which offers the opportunity to travel from the comfort of a double road to the city center of Kayseri, will be an alternative to those who wish to go on both nature and culture tour during the semester. Guests will also have the opportunity to shop in the city center of Kayseri and discover historical sites in Talas.

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