TCDD Lodgings will be used in commercial activities in Sivas

In Sivas, TCDD Lodgings will be used in commercial activities: Sivas Mayor Sami Aydın said that they will do all the work they can to grow the city's economy. President Aydin said, "Necessary work will be done when there is a change in TCDD lodgings."

The Mayor of Sivas Sami Aydın evaluated the agenda. Providing information about the works planned to be done in the city, Aydın said, da We support the efforts that the city will develop in the economic sense. Şehir

After the necessary studies, TCDD Housing may be licensed in the commercial sense expressing the Mayor Aydin, economic changes in the development of the changes will fall on them in a short time will be decided.

We make changes in TCDD Housing

Mayor Sami Aydın stated that there are works for the purpose of using TCDD Housing in commercial activities and that some meetings are provided and they will support the development of the street in economic terms. President Aydın said that the support would be passed in a short time from the council of Sivas Municipality. Their destruction is out of the question. It needs to be used commercially. The station is the heart of Sivas. We live here until the dwellings, but we see it weakened here. We support this project for the continuation of commercial vitality. A commercially available study will be conducted. Different brands, from the drinking and drinking areas to other areas of the same buildings will be used commercially by keeping the original. I would like to inform us that we will accept future change plans on behalf of the city and contribute to the economic viability ed.

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    1. Mr. Sami AYDIN, Mr. President,
      I read the news about the TCDD lodgings. Certainly, you too, and in detail in this regard, you think and produce ideas. I appreciate that, thank you. I would like to see a brain-storm in my father's mind. One of our pupils is our university and one of our pupils is TÜDEMSAŞ. I wonder if this memaluk -is partially-: Municipality + Cumhuriyet University + Cumhuriyet-University TECHNOLOGY + TÜDEMSAŞ + ARUS vbg Sivası Is the common point of intersection of the institutions and organizations that should be established in Sivas, and cannot form a core in the formation of a R & D TECHNOPOLINE in a central position? !
      Such an initiative, which must be condemned to be successful, is also an extraordinary example of a positive example compared to the bullshit, which is abundant in sufficiency and in the sense of the word. Because what is seen and known is that; The fact that the city is the industry, the industry / industrialist University and its affiliated institutions, the civilian authorities are others, that is, they are all mutually mutual. In order not to be misunderstood, we are going to share with a sample: you have never been a professorship in our country burada A as in our country, the assistant staff, the chair, the institute Yanlış an organized industrial zone in that city, the chamber of commerce and / or industry (not the universities established here) and / or have you witnessed the growth, growth, growth and growth of a large company mu through constant and sustainable sponsorship? Moreover, it will be very beneficial not only for our country but also for all its participants to provide extraordinary benefits, knowledge and experience, know-hov / practical knowledge. As examples, it is sufficient to look at advanced cities' cities and universities, the organic bond and support system between them.
      My blood and my belief is that our Sivas, by overcoming this familiar handicapine, can be our leading city that creates an innovative first with its position and status!