Denizli Ski Center hosts 5 thousand people over the weekend

Denizli Ski Center hosted over a thousand people at the weekend: Denizli Ski Resort, which has been established by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to have a say in the winter tourism of the city, hosted 5 thousand people at the weekend. Mayor Osman Zolan invited everyone who wants to ski and enjoy the holiday to the Denizli Ski Center.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, one of the biggest investments of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in order to make the city have more say in alternative tourism, has hosted about 5 thousand people coming to ski and enjoy last weekend. Denizli Ski Center, which has become the center of attraction of the region in a short time and welcomes thousands of its guests to the present day, continues to be one of the brands of winter tourism such as Palandöken, Erciyes and Uludağ. The Denizli Ski Center, where all security measures are taken and the route is cleared, is the address of those who want to ski, sleigh, and experience snow. The resort, which is open with day trips, chairlift and teleski, is waiting for guests who want to spend a different day.

world class

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has not avoided any sacrifices in order to increase the tourism potential of Denizli, and Denizli Ski Lift and Bağbaşı Plateau is the new ski resort of Denizli which is the new name of winter tourism. Mayor Zolan pointed out that the point where Denizli Ski Center is today is undeniable and that it is in the world standards in terms of mechanical facilities and skiing. Our citizens no longer come to our facility whether you want to enjoy the sport of skiing or enjoy the snow, "he said.

Denizli's second white paradise Denizli Ski Center

Palandöken Ski Center in Denizli, Erciyes and Zola President stated that Turkey's agenda as Uludag, said: "Our ski resort will be the center of attraction. We will welcome our guests from inside and outside the city. Our marine will make positive contributions to our economy. Our growing sea, our growing investments will reach where it deserves. I invite all our citizens to our ski resort, which is the second white paradise of our city. Tüm

Denizli-ski-center-week end-of-the-5-thousand-people entertained

Denizli Ski Center, located in Bozdag with an altitude of 2.420 meters in Nikfer District of Tavas District of Denizli, serves within the body of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. The facilities, the longest of which is 1.700 meters, the second 1.500 meters and the third 700 meters, serve amateur and professional skiers, while Denizli Ski Center has 2 ski lifts, 1 teleski and walking belt. Denizli Ski Center, which has the capacity to meet all the needs of its visitors with its infrastructure and day-to-day facility, provides a great advantage for skiing with its topographic structure and snow feature.

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