Jumping Over Wire Fence

Young Boy Jumping Over Wire Mesh In Samsun Hit by Tram: A 16-year-old teenager who was trying to cross the wire fence in the Ilkadim district of Samsun, was seriously injured as a result of a tram hit.

The accident occurred at about 15.30 am on the pedestrian tram road between Liman Tram Station and Büyük Cami Tram Station. According to the information obtained, Denizhan Eryılmaz (16), who was trying to cross the wire fence and cross the road from the place where the rails were located, was hit by the tram belonging to SAMULAŞ of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, under the direction of Vatican Ü T.

Eryilmaz was removed from under the tram by police and medical teams and taken to Samsun Training and Research Hospital. It was learned that Eryilmaz, who was taken to the surgery, had a life-threatening danger.

Vatman Ü T. was detained.

It was learned that Denizhan Eryilmaz, who was seriously injured in the accident, worked at the electrician and had an accident while taking the orders to the reported place.

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