Railway thieves in Samsun

Samsunda Railway thieves: One of the 62 people who were detained for stealing and selling 5 tons of scrap iron belonging to the State Railways (DDY) in the Havza District of Samsun was arrested.

Evaluating a notification, Havza District Police Department teams seized 62 tons of scrap iron belonging to TCDD General Directorate at the workplace belonging to C.Y.

CY, employees of MG and Mİ, MA and İ.M. was detained. MG, İ.M, and M.İ. were released after the interrogation at the police. The court sentenced suspects to be taken to the courthouse was removed from the court, while MA was released by judicial control.

Scrap iron at the workplace was also seized to be delivered to TCDD.

Source : www.samsunhaber.tc



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