Profit raises interest in VIP vehicles

Snow, VIP vehicles increased interest in transportation: the first local application in the field of transportation from the address of the founder of the first local application Olev Ertunc Ciris, due to adverse weather conditions to remove the traffic of the vehicles in Istanbul, said they showed great interest in providing transport vehicles with driver VIP vehicles.

In various days of January, due to adverse weather conditions under the influence of Istanbul, drivers who do not go to traffic with their personal vehicles, increased the demand for platforms that provide transportation from address to address. The first domestic application in the field of transport from address to address in the city of Olev's founder Ertunc Ciris, vehicle demand increased by more than 100 percent compared to December, he said.

Ertunç Çiriş gave the following information: İstanbul The people of Istanbul who did not want to encounter problems on the roads due to the snow and ice seen during the month, taking into consideration the calls of the authorities, did not put both their personal vehicles and the vehicles belonging to the institutions they work for. As an alternative method, they preferred VIP vehicles with drivers that they could call to their location. In this way, they could easily and comfortably reach many different points in Istanbul, especially in the regions where the workplaces are concentrated. Compared to December, the demand for Olev vehicles increased by more than 100. We are pleased to offer uninterrupted service to Istanbul residents even under difficult conditions with our experienced drivers and modern vehicles operating legally. ”

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