Pierre Loti-Miniaturk cable car line development plan hang

Pierre Loti-Miniatürk cable car zoning plan suspended: from the Eyup to Piyerloti from the Golden Horn over the Golden Horn will be reached by the plan renovation of the cable car line was suspended i

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Eyup - Eyup - Piyerloti - Miniaturk Ropeway Line Project 1 / 5000 22 2016 18 16 approvals dated October 2017 was suspended in January. Zoning plan XNUMX will be suspended on February XNUMX.

Plan Notes from the Master Plan of Amendment;
1) Application will be made according to the project to be approved by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
2) The opinion of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department will be taken in all applications and ground surveys to be carried out in the areas which are within the protection limit of the ropeway route and the ropeway station areas.
3) The route within the boundary of the plan approval is schematic and will be determined by the exact route implementation projects.
4) It is possible to change the routes according to the application projects without the need of a plan change with the plan approval limit.
5) In case of application project stage, required institution opinions will be taken.
6) Geological and geotechnical studies will be conducted in accordance with the reports.
7) For the unexplained matters, the provisions of the land development plan and the regulations on construction are valid.

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