The toll of the Osman Gazi Bridge has been reduced

Osman Gazi Bridge's toll has been reduced: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that they will provide a 20 percent discount on Osmangazi Bridge as of tomorrow and the fee will be 65 lira 65 kuruş, while Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is 11 lira 95 kuruş. announced that the corresponding price will be effective from tomorrow.

“There is a guarantee in this project. This is why we are criticized from time to time. These projects are not made for vehicle owners passing through the project. They do transportation in order to facilitate access, but they create an added value for our country, especially by growing the industry, economy and industry in their region. We care more about such side effects. Fuel and time savings are very important. When the Istanbul-Izmir Highway is completely finished, the vehicle traffic we expect from Osman Gazi Bridge is 40 thousand. Why is that? Because it is our expectation that the 25 million people living in that region will make their lives easier and grow their trade, creating their own vehicle traffic. As we know, we have completed over 100 kilometers as of the end of this year, but 284 kilometers will be finished by the end of 2018.

It will have created its actual traffic at that time. Çanakkale will also generate additional traffic with the ring it will create if you consider Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges. Therefore, we are aware of this, our people can travel more comfortably, do not waste fuel by traveling around the gulf, contribute to the national economy, reduce greenhouse gas emission… When we have done all this, we have been working on Osman Gazi Bridge especially for a long time, a report was prepared. As part of the report, we made a decision from the Supreme Planning Board. As of tomorrow, we are providing approximately 20 percent discount on Osman Gazi Bridge and the fee will be 65,65 lira. While we need to raise the wages of about 89 liras from the beginning of 2017, on the contrary, we are reducing the fee. We are driving three things here, one, encouraging the use of the bridge, more importantly, we will make the life of the citizen easier if you think about the fuel consumption of our citizen by touring the gulf, the wear of their vehicles and the risks they take. ”


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