Basic Occupational Health and Safety training seminar was given to MOTAŞ personnel

Basic Occupational Health and Safety training seminar was given to MOTAŞ Personnel: Personnel and drivers working in different areas of MOTAŞ attended the seminar given by the occupational safety expert.

In the seminar, the legal rights and responsibilities of the employees and the legal consequences arising from occupational accidents and occupational diseases were explained along with the information on working legislation, workplace cleanliness and order. In addition, the causes of occupational diseases, principles of protection from disease and prevention techniques and risk factors and necessary measures were explained.

In order to minimize the risks and to eliminate the risks, the importance of providing safe working environments was emphasized. In addition, under the Law No. 6331, it is emphasized that the annual number of (periodically) Occupational Safety issues in enterprises that employ personnel in workplaces is a legal requirement. For this purpose, informing the employees about their legal rights and responsibilities, identifying the risks and risks they face, and preparing occupational health and safety training programs in the workplaces, organizing the trainings, ensuring the participation of the employees in these programs, Obligation of the employer is among the obligations of the employer. In this context, we were reminded that our periodic trainings will continue.

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