Moovit Releases 2016 Global Public Transport Usage Report

MOOVIT has reached 50 million users worldwide and has released 2016 Global cities public transport usage report.

47 is the country's largest data analysis results of 50 million users in Europe, America and Asia, the longest and shortest travel time, waiting time at the station and the most forwarded cities are revealed. Some of the highlights are:

With an average travel distance of 12 km in Istanbul, 35% of the longest distance traveled on weekdays & 12% of the journeys take longer than XNUMX km.

The longest time in Europe with average 91 min

19 is waiting to be at the highest stop after Rome and Los Angeles with its waiting time at the average stop.

26 of the people using public transport in Istanbul, 32 2 in Paris is doing at least XNUMX transfers.

In Europe, during their day-to-day journeys, Berliners are walking at most, with Istanbulis average 940 meters.

Residents of Barcelona and Berlin with the average 10 min at least waiting.

The world's #1 public transport app, Moovit, has recently announced that it has reached 50 million users and has released the much anticipated Global Public Transport Report. The first major data analysis of its genre that explores millions of travel demands from all over the world as an unprecedented study for mapping global travel trends.

The results of a tremendous amount of data analyzed describe a colorful picture of how we travel in our cities. This analysis revealed that Istanbul is the longest-traveled metropolis with the average 12 km travel distance. When the tables are examined, 11.2 is followed by Hong Kong with X km, Paris with 11.1 km and 10.8 km with XNUMX km. There may be many reasons for new research, such as the long journey distance of Istanbul to bil public transportation to all the city's end points İstanbul.

In comparison, with their average 62 minutes on the road - 29 minutes less than in Istanbul - residents of Berlin and Madrid can spend an extra half an hour each day. Parisians spend an average of 64 minutes on the road, while 50 minutes are the ones who lose the least time on the road in Europe. Istanbul residents who spend an average of 91 minutes on the road may find solace, thinking that 96 minutes are spent on the road in Toronto and 93 minutes in Sao Paulo.

When the long journeys take place, the summit in Europe has London and Istanbul, while the 30 of total trips takes longer than 2 hours in both cities. This rate is higher than the 15 of many European cities such as Paris (% 15), Madrid (% 14), Milan (% 14) and Berlin (% 2). Globally, Toronto is at the top with 34% XNUMX.

Even though the Turks are not known to be very patient, the average waiting time in Istanbul is 19 minutes and after the Rome in Europe (20 minutes) Istanbulis are waiting for the most stops. 36 of public transport users in Istanbul waiting for more than a minute 20 minutes in stations and stations before boarding their vehicles. In comparison, this rate is% 10 in Berlin,% 13 in Madrid and% 14 in Paris.

The data also revealed the number of transfers, while the 66 of the public transporters in Istanbul used to transfer at least 1 times, and about one fourth (% 26) changed at least three vehicles. The cities with the most transfers in Europe are Berlin and Paris. The 34 of the 32 in Berlin consists of at least three vehicle changes in XNUMX.

Although the number of transfers is not very depressing, Istanbul people are the ones who travel the longest distance for their daily transportation in Europe. In terms of health, it is read as a more active daily life, but according to this result, the average 940 meter is walking for a trip in Istanbul. walking. The average walking distance is almost half of Istanbul (37 meters), while 1 is more than 14.

“No transportation app or service has as rich and relevant data as Moovit about the world's public transport users, and we are proud to share our annual Global Public Transport Report,” said Yovav Meydad, Moovit Vice President, Product Management and Marketing. We obtained the information we shared by analyzing the data of the Moovit Community, consisting of more than 120.000 local editors, and over 50 million users. Moovit makes it possible for people to travel more easily in their cities, and provides very important information with instant notifications, making travels more reliable. ”

The Moovit report shows that the company's rapid growth continues simultaneously with more than 50 million users worldwide. Moovit closed the first working year 2013 with 3 million users and reached 2014 million users in 12,5, and last year the number of users exceeded 32 million. Moovit, which closed 2016 with more than 50 million users, is currently downloading an average of 2 million new users every month.

Meydad said that the data were collected from tens of millions of travel plans, which consisted of more than three million Moovit users in the country, in the 2016 three months (August-October 47).

"Our Public Transport Usage Report from Big Data analysis has revealed fascinating information that shows how we travel around the world every day," said Meydad. “The data from our users' journeys, from the average waiting time between transfers to how far we walked to a stop, drew a colorful and enormous picture of the infrastructure that supports the daily journey and habits of city residents and visitors.”


When we compare our travel experiences in Istanbul compared to other cities in Europe, America and Asia, we find very interesting results.


In the majority of the cities analyzed, the average travel time was less than 30 minutes.

Cities with the highest travel ratio between 0 and 30

34% - Barcelona

26% - Berlin

24% - Madrid & Boston, USA

23% - San Francisco, USA

At the other end of the scale:

14% - Toronto

13% - Istanbul & Mexico City

10% - Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo

7% - Bogota

The average daily time in Istanbul is:

13% - Less than 30 minutes a day

66% - more than 1 hour a day

30% - more than 2 hour a day

10% - more than 3 hour a day

Europe's average journey times are much lower:

64 minutes - Paris

64 minutes - Milan

62 minutes - Madrid

62 minutes - Berlin

Compared to global, the table is as follows:

89 minutes - Manchester

91 minutes - Istanbul

93 minutes - Sao Paulo

94 minutes - Birmingham

95 minutes - Rio de Janeiro

96 minutes - Toronto

97 minutes - Bogota

Istanbul has the highest + 2 hour travel time per day:

Birmingham - 38% of trips take longer than 2 hours

Philadelphia - 35% of trips take longer than 2 hours

Sydney & NYC - 31% of trips take more than 2 hours

Istanbul & London - 30% of trips take more than 2 hours

Compared to other cities in Europe

Madrid - 13% of trips take longer than 2 hours

Milan - 14% of trips take longer than 2 hours

Berlin & Paris - 15% of trips take more than 2 hours

Athens - 16% of trips take longer than 2 hours


Average time spent waiting in a day stop in Istanbul 19 minutes:

Waiting less than 2 minutes - 3%

2-5 minutes waiting - 8%

6-10 minutes waiting - 23%

11-20 minutes waiting - 30%

21-30 minutes waiting - 22%

31-60 minutes waiting - 10%

Istanbul is the city with the most waiting time at the stop:

20 minutes - Los Angeles

20 minutes - Rome

19 minutes - Sao Paulo

19 minutes - Rio de Janeiro

19 minutes - Istanbul

18 minutes - Athens

15 minutes - NYC

Compared to Europe, only 10 of passengers is waiting in 20 for more than a minute. 20 is the percentage of people who wait more than a minute:

9% - Barcelona

10% - Berlin

12% - Milan

13% - Madrid


Considering all cities, most of the trips in Moovit were under 3km. Cities with the highest trip rate with 3km:

38% - Barcelona

37% - Rome

33% - Milan

32% - Singapore

31% - San Francisco, USA

31% - London

Istanbul is the longest distance route to all metropolitan cities:

Average journeys:

Athens - 6.8 km

Rome - 6.8 km

London - 8.9 km

Berlin - 9.1 km

Madrid: 9.5 km

Paris: 10.8 km

Istanbul: 12 km


Looking at the world average, the number of transfers made on a trip is average 1, so usually 2 vehicle can go to the desired location. Cities with the highest transfer rates (minimum 2 transfer and more):

34% - Berlin, Germany

32% - Paris, France

30% - Hamburg, Germany and Los Angeles & New York City, USA

29% - Rome, Italy

26% - Istanbul, Turkey

25% - Milan, Italy

23% - London, UK


The average walking distance 940 meters on a trip in Istanbul, almost 10 people are walking more than 4km 1:

37% - walks more than 1 km

14% - 750-1000 meters of walking

17% - 500-750 meters of walking

18% - 250- 500 meters are walking

14% - 0-250 meters of walking

Average walking distances in Europe:

940 meters - Istanbul

741 meters - Milan

736 meters - Paris

593 meters - Madrid

519 meters - Berlin

Cities with the lowest rate of walking less than 250 during a trip:

32% - Berlin

31% - London & Singapore

26% - Madrid

21% - Hong Kong

19% - Rome

18% - Paris, France & New York City, USA

16% - Manchester

15% - Birmingham & San Francisco, USA

Due to the wide coverage of Moovit's city, which also includes outside the city centers, Moovit's report includes all metro areas within the borders of the selected cities.

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