MHP Ankara, Babies Born In Keçiören Metro, 8. Studying in Classroom

MHP Ankara, Babies Born In Keçiören Metro, 8. In the classroom: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Ankara Provincial Chairman Fatih Cetinkaya, Kecioren Metro 13.5 an annual delay and the people of Ankara opened for many years after the opening of the bell, said: MH The opening of the metro is of course an important service. However, 4919 is finished with a daily work and it is presented as a great victory by opening it to the President, not enough to forget all the hardship and suffering. Zafer

MHP Ankara Provincial Chairman Fatih Çetinkaya wishes that the fate of Keçiören Metro will not live in the fate of Koru and Sincan Metro, which is hastily opened during the election process. Çetinkaya said that there were few rainfall images in these subway stations, and many technical malfunctions were the subject of humor.

Uz We are experiencing the joy of meeting the works of the AKP government for its indifference to Ankara after years of retribution and suffering. Of course, the inauguration of Keçiören Metro is an important service. Like every Ankara, we are happy for this service. However, presenting as a great victory is a truly amazing and exemplary event.

Here I would like to give some examples of investment from around the world. The Portt Man Bridge 6 in British Columbia, the world's largest bridge in the world literature, was completed in the year.

Aizhai Bridge 5, the world's highest bridge in China, was completed over the years.

The longest cable-carriage Russky Bridge 4 in Russia was put into service in the year.

The East Span Bridge 12 with the world's longest fixed suspension system in Oakland, San Francisco is over the years.

19, the 8 kilometer Silver Line Metro in Washington, has been completed over the years.

42 kilometer London Underground Rail System 12 was put into service after a year of operation.

The Marmaray Project 40 with 9 station was completed in the year.

Thank goodness, the Keçiören Metro thank goodness 13.5 came to life after years.

While everything is changing in the world, huge projects in other provinces were completed in time, while a metro line of 9.2 kilometers left this time compelled us to make these criticisms.

3 Prime Minister, 3 President, 7 has seen the government. The children born in 2003 in our country since the foundation date are now 8. while they were studying in the classroom, they stepped into the young.

The technology of smart watches, social media into our lives, the world in every area of ​​the world in a period of mass breaks in the process of the Greater Municipality of Ankara and the government has to take the towel, and to extend the required by the Keçiören Metro, has taken its place in the history as a delayed service. 4919 Day Metro is good for Ankara ros

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