Mersin, Municipal Buses City Hospital Commences Started

Mersin, City Bus City Hospital Expeditions Started: Municipal buses operating within the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Mersin City Hospital flights began.

In order to provide better quality and safer transportation services to the people of Mersin, the company continues to work for the citizens of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which provides a total of 110 public buses to date, reaching many points in the city center and in the countryside. By adding new lines to the points needed, increasing the number of buses to the densely used points, providing easy access to the citizens and thus increasing the number of passengers per day from 30 to 90 thousand, the Metropolitan Municipality finally directed the 9 city bus line to the Mersin City Hospital and offered it to the citizens. .

Within the scope of the studies carried out by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, Mersin City Hospital was added to the routes of 101, 102, 106, 107, 108, 128, 132, 133 and 169. 9 municipal bus is on the route of Mersin City Hospital where the 51 line will pass.

101 number 20 minutes serving at Çağdaşkent-Universitesi sub-district, 102 number 20 minutes providing service at Çağdaşkent-Afet region, 106 line at 60 serving at Machinery-Supply-Demirtaş route, 107 minutes at 60 at Machinery Supply-Akbelen. 108 number 30 which serves in the scope of Makine İkmal-Çavuşlu and 128 minutes serving in Yeni Otogar-Tece route, 20 minutes, 132 number in the Huzurkent-Yeni Otogar route is 30 minutes, providing service in New Otogar-Pozcu-University-Tece 133 30 169 number, 60 No. XNUMX serving in the Universty-University stage, passes from Mersin City Hospital at intervals of minutes.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality authorities on the next days in accordance with the intensity and demand of the Mersin City Hospital, as well as the new lines will be added to the 9 line said.

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