Minister Arslandan, Kayseri high-speed train gospel

Minister Arslan, from Kayseri to the good news of high speed train: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, “When projects were discussed in the past, grandfather, ben görür müyüm He did well, torunum görür mü he said. These have really changed with the AK Party. Now the distance between putting forward the idea and seeing the result has become much shorter. ” said.

Arslan and the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki visited the Governorship of Kayseri. In a statement he made to journalists at the entrance to the governor's office, Arslan stated that they were in Kayseri, pleased to be able to discuss things on the spot, talk on the spot and produce solutions on the spot.

Turkey has experienced a great change and transformation, this great change and transformation is carried out to reach the ambitious goals put forward by the transfer Arslan, continued as follows:

"They are at the beginning of our country is no longer a high standard with high-speed trains, bituminous hot mix to be acquainted with the asphalt divided highway, changes in the communications industry with aviation, conversion, and all these things we are also doing in the name of giving the right of Anatolia Europe to Asia, Turkey, We are carrying out projects within the framework of the policy of linking the transportation corridors in a way that will be beneficial from this and linking especially the major centers of our country. ”

Minister Arslan emphasized that Kayseri has been a good example with its beautiful projects, expansions, breakthroughs and actions, and emphasized that they are planning, doing and realizing Kayseri's projects as a ministry.

Arslan said, “Of course, we are planning not only as a ministry but also with Kayseri's local dynamics, our valuable ministers, our valuable deputies, our mayors and our colleagues here. From time to time, we place them on the table from time to time in Ankara. I can gladly say that today, we will put the table with our stakeholders, hopefully again. I am sure, as the ministry, we will be pleased with the acceleration in our projects. Kayseri will be pleased by seeing these processes, witnessing and following them. Because Kayseri's satisfaction, our country's satisfaction, successful results mean that we are walking towards targets that fulfill the expectations of the oppressed and victims in the world. ” he spoke.

YHT Project

Arslan also said the following when a journalist asked “when will the high-speed train (YHT) arrive in Kayseri”:

“When the projects were talked about in the past, the grandfather did not say 'will I see it?' These have really changed with the AK Party. The distance between putting forward the idea and seeing the result has become much shorter. This is our satisfaction. The world is watching us with envy. We are the eighth country in the world and the sixth country with high speed train line in Europe, and we implement this service very successfully. I have already said Kayseri is a center for us, Kayseri is important to us. Therefore, the arrival of our high-speed train with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour for our guests, our people, to travel from Kayseri to Kayseri in Ankara, to Kayseri, is a subject we follow within the framework of the promises of our government, our president and our prime minister. It is currently in progress, including processing of 1/5000 maps and drilling work. Hopefully, until July, we will finish these projects and drilling works. In the second half of this year, we will be awarded the construction tender. In this way, we will get a new type of transportation, which we have now removed from high-speed train from dreams and started to work, hopefully finished in a few years and traveled not only from Yerköy, Ankara, but also from Istanbul to Kayseri. We are aware of the importance of this project. We are talking here in Ankara as well. Today, I know both the expectations of Kayseri, and my General Manager of Railways and General Manager of Highways are with me. We are not just producing words. We also produce the work required by the word. Hopefully, you will also see the higher speed train, you will see that it has gone to many other places, we will see it all together. Because our goals are big. ”

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Mehmet Özhaseki if they try to fulfill the tasks that are against the side of the issues related to Turkey's agenda as they follow the city, he said.

On the one hand expressed that they will not neglect the problems of the city from the other side in dealing with Turkey's problems Özhaseki, he said:

“In this sense, our project that we started to host our ministers in Kayseri and discuss the problems of the city continues. Today, we are hosting the Minister of Transport, Ahmet Arslan, here. Many projects in Kayseri are already related to the ministry of transportation. We will have the opportunity to see these projects one-on-one, to discuss and discuss them once again, and to learn what our precious minister has to say here. We are talking about them, but at least we will convey them to our Kayseri citizens, we will enlighten the Kayseri public. ”



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