The devices measuring the vibration in Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel projects were placed in Topkapı Palace

Are the devices measuring vibration in the Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel projects placed in Topkapı Palace: Professor of Geophysics Haluk Eyidogan assesses the claim that Topkapi Palace is sliding towards the sea.

Geophysical Engineer 24. CHP Istanbul deputy Haluk Eyidoğan, Topkapı Palace pointing to the opening of the ground towards the sea from the most competent mouths, drawing attention to the comments made today, "Marmaray and Eurasia projects during the tunneling and deep excavation work on the seismic or vibration movements of the devices in and around the Topkapi Palace ? yerleştiril he asked.

27 April 2016 and many drilling and measurements should be done in the light of the report that draws attention to the measurement of these measurements began to be pointed out in the Topkapı Palace Eyidoğan's questions to be answered T24'e as follows:

In the 27 April 2016 report, when it was reported that many drillings and measurements should be made, when did these measurements be started?

In the present statement of the Minister, kuy inclinometer devices placed in the 26 drilling well and measuring seismic mobility açık do not measure seismic mobility. It saves it if bending, bending, landslides or slips in the wells of the drop-down devices.

Are the devices measuring the seismic or vibration movements during the tunneling and deep excavation works related to the Marmaray and Eurasia projects placed in and around Topkapı Palace?

In the current statement of the minister, does the statement “there is no scientific data” indicating that the cracks, cleavages and collapses in Topkapı Palace have shifted towards the sea, does it mean that the seismic and vibration movements and other related measurements occurred in the work of the Marmaray and Eurasia Projects have not been made before? come from?

In the status report to the Istanbul 4 numbered Protection Board, it is concluded that is the effect of seismic activity in the Marmara Sea brought the building to the point of collapse İstanbul. Is there an ed Earthquake Acceleration Recorder içerisinde registered in the Topkapı Palace?

What is happening at Topkapı Palace?

Professor The developments of Eyidoğan 'The collapse problem of the Topkapı Palace Ey drew attention as follows:

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced that the restoration of Topkapi Palace, the Treasury Department of Istanbul, was started on 09.10.2015 within the scope of the un Restoration of Istanbul Topkapi Palace Treasury Department'n.

The walls and domes of the Topkapı Palace Museum have come to the fore in September 2016.

At that time, Fatih Mansion was in danger of collapse and was closed to visit.

In April 2016, the wall of the tea garden in the sea-facing part of Gülhane Park collapsed.

The museum officials announced that the wall of Konyalı Restaurant, which was on the same line, collapsed, and that they would conduct a risk analysis on the slope of Topkapı Palace facing the sea.

It was observed that there were large damages in the basements of the palace and the crevices with small cracks on the walls were removed and 10-15 inch wide crevices were found.

As a result of the studies conducted in the history of 27.04.2016 with the participation of the Directorate General of Museums, Directorate of Surveying and Monuments, Istanbul Topkapı Palace Museum Directorate and the Advisory Board consisting of academicians:

Ği It has been determined that the cracks in the treasury section have reached the level to be defined as cleft and discrete which exceed the crack size.

In the methodological ranking, it was accepted that the ground effects were more dominant in the determination of the problem, and that the demolitions in the retaining walls formed in the region were originated from the ground.

In order to address the strengthening project along with the ground data, it is necessary to monitor the internal and external drilling and inspection pit from the slope area and to monitor using the instrumental observation techniques, and not only the Treasury Department, but also within the scope of the work in the Military Zone between the Treasury and the Archive-Depot buildings. In this study, it was decided to determine the ground strengthening method based on the laboratory results of the ground surveys and to determine the strengthening method according to the ground strength data, crack gauges and ground weakness.

The restoration and structural strengthening works will be continued after the approval of the relevant Regional Board of Conservation in accordance with the aforementioned reports and reports. In addition to the strengthening activities, the works for the exhibition-arrangement project are about to be completed. Ayrıca

Today, the Ministry (23 January 2017) makes a statement and “The news of Topkapı Palace moving towards the sea is not real! There is no scientific data to say this! Bunu

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