The last 5 days in Akçarayda come on

The last 5 day in Akçarayda is the best: Izapark'ten to the bus station on the 7 km to the bus that will be put into service on a route to the countdown is in progress! The full 5 days left to finish this mega project! Of course, we are not the owner of this claim, the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli oldukça While the project is quite ambitious about the day when the Metropolitan, this claim has further added to the official web address by adding the counter. And that counter still continues to work and the counter today is showing the last 5 day. While the work is still in progress at many points, the tram is not the end of the 5 day and the traffic problem and the tradesmen will not have any problems. Come on, good one!

29 January 2017 Market: Last 5 days X

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