People of Konya said public transport in public transport

Public transport in Konya said public transport: Konya public used the Metropolitan Municipality buses and trams for transportation in 2016

People of Konya prefer buses and trams in city transportation. There are important reasons why tram and buses use more than minibuses and taxis. The cheaper choice of buses and trams is the first choice of the people of Konya. It is also a great advantage for citizens to use their monthly cards for a month without any limitation. In addition to these, the free use of buses and trams by the citizens of 65 age and above is an advantage for elderly citizens.

Taxis in Konya are behind public transportation vehicles. The taxis that arrive after the bus, tram and minibus in the ranking are the last vehicles to be used for the people of Konya. Saying that there is no taxi culture in Konya, taxi driver Çetin Önal said, “The people of Konya view taxi as enemies. Unfortunately, there is no taxi culture in Konya. We do not charge opening fees compared to big cities, we do not have to take short distances, but the citizens of Konya are not used to taxi. "In Konya, people who come to the city for business and foreign tourists use the taxi." Approximately 2 million 100 thousand citizens in Konya flocked to public transportation in 2016. The fact that most of the society is the working population confirms this. According to the information received, the people of Konya used public transportation a total of 2016 million times in 80. People of Konya took the bus 56 million 521 thousand times and the tram 25 million 932 thousand times.

While the people of Konya mostly preferred buses and trams in 2016, there are citizens who also use minibuses. Saying that those who have an urgent job prefer minibuses, the minibus driver Ali Kaya said, “The minibus services are more frequent than the buses. For this reason, citizens with urgent business prefer minibuses instead of buses. Trams are generally used by students and citizens working in the market center. said.

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