The joy of Keçiören's Metro

Kecioren's Metro Joy: The waiting for the metron of the longing to be put into service was happy. 18 A minute ride to reach AKM Keciorenliler, indicating that they could come to Kızılay in a short time, thank everyone who contributed.

Kecioren residents, 18 minutes to travel to Ataturk Cultural Center and the short time there is the joy of reaching the Red Crescent. Kecioren Metro waiting for the entry into service with a great longing for the citizens, everyone who contributed to the construction.

According to the traffic jam previously experienced due to the Red Crescent 1 and sometimes they can reach the 1,5 hour Cenk, Graduates, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bulvarı'nın entering the service with a little bit of relaxation, the opening of the subway in a short time they have reached the Red Crescent. Kecioren, 9 station, consisting of a total of 9 thousand 220 meters long Keçiören Metro, more comfortable, faster and easier to travel in a stress-free way said they live.

The citizens of Kecioren who stated that the metro aspirations are over, said:

Hidayet Şimşek (19) - works in the oven:
“I live in Keçiören Dutluk. I was very much looking forward to the Keçiören Metro Station. From Kecioren, I will reach Bilkent directly by metro without entering the city traffic. May Allah be blessed to all those who have contributed to the construction. Inda

Esat Erdem (38) - self-employed:
Orum I've been in Kecioren for 18 years.
I am sitting in the neighborhood of Kuyubaşı Şenlik, I work in OSTİM. Going to work from home 1 45 hours found the minute. Now I think the journey will end in 30 minutes.
I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the construction of the project, especially our Mayor Melih Gökçek. Kecioren Metro, and all the people of Ankara to be well. Ören

Filiz Mangal (37) - marketer:
“I live in Yenimahalle, I come to Keçiören 2 days a week due to my job. The minibus and bus were very troublesome. The traffic was jamming, it was very difficult for us to reach the place we wanted and I was wasting time. Now I am transferring on the subway to reach Keçiören from Yenimahalle. Despite this, I was very pleased that Keçiören Metro was put into service. Both from time kazanI travel comfortably, without experiencing the stress of heavy traffic. I heard that it will be extended directly from Keçiören to Kızılay, it would be great if this project is realized. I believe that all citizens like me will be very pleased with this.”

Mehmet Cinar (67) - retired civil servant:
“I have been living in Keçiören for 14 years, finally today we had the chance to take the metro. My daughter Neslihan and I took the Metro today and we are taking a short tour. us the subway kazanMay God be pleased with all the officials.”

Gülcihan Top (65) - housewife:
Uz 45 is the year we live in Kecioren. I often visit Ulus and Kızılay. I constantly follow the magazines about the work of the Metropolitan Municipality in the buses. There was news about the Keçiören Metro and I was hoping that the Metro would be put into service. Today, we went on a metro trip with his neighbor who was our neighbor in Manisa. It was great convenience for us to operate the subway. I would like to get in line, wait for a bus, travel in tight traffic without wasting time and I think my friend of Manisa will have a beautiful memory of Ankara. May Allah be blessed to all those who have contributed to the realization of this service Bu

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