Keçiören Metro Opens Tomorrow

Keçiören Metro is Opening Tomorrow: Keçiören Metro, whose construction was started by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and completed by transferring to the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, will be held tomorrow (5 January Thursday) by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Ahmet Arslan and Mayor Melih Gökçek will be inaugurated with a ceremony.

The opening ceremony will be held in front of the Keçiören Municipality of the Xnumx at the time of the M4 Keçiören Metro which is constructed between Atatürk Culture Center (AKM) and Keçiören (Şehitler-Gazino Station). thousands of citizens are expected to attend.

9 200 9 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX station, which is the second biggest district of the capital, will provide great convenience to the traffic and public transportation system of Keçiören.

Construction and construction works of the metro line between AKM-Keçiören started on 15 July 2003 by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

306 million 410 thousand (formerly 306 trillion) with the capital of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality spend the amount of 43,19 TL 25 construction, 2011 XNUMX XNUMX date, the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs on March 9, 2014.

Travel time between the AKM-Kecioren 17 minutes to the metro line, initially 6 set (3 series) wagons, 7 will be served in the minute range. According to the need, the service interval will be shortened further from Keçiören Metro, the transfer will be provided at the AKM station to the Batıkent Metro.

Kecioren Metro line, which has been completed by the Ministry and will start the passenger transportation on 5 January Thursday, consists of Şehitler (Gazino), Dutluk, Kuyubaşı, Mecidiye, Municipality, Meteorology, Dışkapı, ASKİ and AKM stations.

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