Kayseri City Hospital to be Connected to the City Center by Rail

ozhaseki rail system in the domestic preference an important contribution to the industry
ozhaseki rail system in the domestic preference an important contribution to the industry

Regarding the Kayseri Ankara Istanbul high-speed train project, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, “We took a quick step in this regard and hopefully made the tender this year, and completed it within 4 years, and presented it to the service of Kayseri, the people of Kayseri and the guests who will come with it. We will be.” said.

Arslan and the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki visited Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and received a briefing from Mayor Mustafa Çelik. Arslan and Özhaseki later attended the coordination meeting held in the City Council Hall and closed to the press.

Minister Arslan, said in a statement after the meeting, said that the ministry of projects in many parts of Turkey.

Emphasizing that the support of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, the government and the deputies are important for them, Arslan said that the support of governorships, municipalities, non-governmental organizations in the local area is much more important.

Arslan pointed out that the best indicator of this is Kayseri: “In Kayseri, the sources of non-governmental organizations, investors, industrialists, our municipalities and the central government meet very well and the results are very good. Within the framework of these successful results, it is our aim to solve the problems. Today, this meeting gave us very important duties in order to serve this purpose. Of course, our local stakeholders assigned duties to them, especially our Metropolitan Municipality. I hope it was an efficient and successful meeting. ” used the expression.

"Of course, it makes sense if you apply the results of the meeting after the decisions taken." Saying Arslan, he continued as follows:

“Thank God, we have a good record and our records. Based on this record and report, we talked about what our stakeholders should do while implementing the decisions we have taken here as a ministry regarding the construction of the Kayseri-Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train, and our municipality has to do it. We will take a quick step in this matter, hopefully, will tender this year, finish it in 4 years, and present it to the service of Kayseri, Kayseri and the future guests. This was important. We also have a very successful and exemplary study on the improvement, electrification and signaling of the existing conventional line in the Yerköy-Ankara direction, Sivas direction, Ulukışla-Pozantı south direction, also being based in Kayseri. We also evaluated it. Those routes are very important for Kayseri to bring the industry of Kayseri into the sea. We bring those studies to a certain point. While delivering the products and products of our industrialists to the target market, there are difficulties due to both freight and transportation, we talked about them as the ministry as a ministry to solve their problems, fix the problems in this issue and facilitate this process. I hope we will do these things. ”

Airport to be expanded

As General Directorate of Highways and ministry, Kayseri South Ring Road, especially in relation to district roads need to be upgraded to the standard of the road, as well as the acceleration of the work done to emphasize the 18 projects that emphasize the Arslan, gave the following opinions:

We have 5 projects for which we are conducting the tender process, we talked about their completion and putting them into service as soon as possible. In addition, there are 3 more requests within the scope of roads that are connected to the province and its districts and even to other provinces. We talked about completing these projects as soon as possible, bringing them to the tender stage and making them. We hope to speed up these processes. Again, there was a need for a new additional terminal at Kayseri Airport. The related processes are continuing. In this regard, there was an area that the Ministry of National Defense had to hand over to us. We've come a long way in this. There is an area in the inventory of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs regarding irrigation canals, it should be taken as soon as possible. Therefore, the aviation sector, which continues to grow in Kayseri, shows that 2 million passenger terminals will definitely not be enough for Kayseri. We have new terminal work for this. On the one hand, we have the project prepared, on the other hand, we will solve the problems related to the ground and solve the problem of Kayseri.

City hospital will be connected to the city center by rail system

Regarding the suburban transport, Arslan pointed out that both the Metropolitan Municipality and the ministries had duties to them and gave the following information:

“We talked about both sides doing their part and putting them into service today. I think there is the concept of city hospitals, which is much more important for Kayseri. There is a concept that our President also cares very much, which our Ministry of Health has been carrying out successfully, brought to today and has started to be put into service in many provinces. Kayseri is a very successful example in this regard. When hospitals are built in the city, it is necessary to provide easy access to people. The easiest way to do this is, of course, to open roads, to open boulevards as our Melikgazi Mayor did, but the most efficient and easy way is public transportation. In my opinion, this was one of the most productive works of this meeting in order to make the 4,7-kilometer rail system as soon as possible, put it into practice and serve the people of Kayseri. There are two intersections within the scope of the project, our metropolitan municipality will handle the intersections and will convey the other part to us. In this sense, we will do our part as soon as possible to make the 4,7 km rail system to encourage public transportation in the center, especially including the hospital. This will be a Kayseri-based project to serve Kayseri people. ”

Minister of Environment and Urbanization Özhaseki

The Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Mehmet Özhaseki said that the 18 project was handled in the meeting, the most important of which was the enlargement of the air terminal in which the Kayseri public talked a lot.

Özhaseki pointed out that a new domestic terminal will be built within the framework of the project and gave the following opinions:

“There were long talks and troubles about the military in the outside area as well. It happened to us until we received that article. BC in Turkey before and after the birth of Christ. Even the old military was greeted hard. They acted as if they were not part of that nation. They avoided giving the land that was empty there to the service of the nation. We worked on a two-line signature for 10-12 years. Now bless Allah, they say, 'Is it not the property of the nation? This was important to us. The second is the matter of high speed train. Our ex-ministers also said this a few times, we told them, but there are opponents in Kayseri. This magical opposition says, "You are playing us, I entered the site, it says. What a fast train, everybody took it, you are watching it. Starting from Ankara, it was a very short and easy way to Konya. It was a true project, it was done. Have a nice holiday, goodbye. Eskişehir-Ankara side started. Going east or even worked for us, the projects are finished this year, the tender is being made at the end of the year, the construction period seems not to be less than 3-4 years, it is not an easy task and it will get to Kayseri. I hope this project grows, develops, goes east and west all around. ”

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